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IV. Listen to Sami describing his career path to become a Network Designer. Write what Sami was doing at different ages.

Module I. Job Opportunities in Electrical Engineering

I. Listen and mark the stress. Repeat the words.

1) engineer engine engineering;

2) electrician electricity electrical electric;

3) electronics electron electronic;

4) mechanic mechanism mechanics mechanical;

5) technician technical;

6) technologist technology.


II. Insert the correct words from the brackets.

1. The _ is responsible for every _ in the factory. (engineering/engineer/engine)

2. Iím a _, but I want to become a _ engineer. (mechanical/mechanic/mechanics)

3. The lab _ maintains all the _ equipment. (technician/technical/technology)

4. The _ repairs all the _ equipment on the rig. (electrical/electrician/electricity)


III. Pre-reading tasks:

Match the question on the left with the answers on the right.

1. Whatís your job? a. Yes, Iím getting used to the new job.
2. How long have you been doing that? b. Ok, but itís taking longer than I expected.
3. Where do you work? c. I have an apartment just outside Oslo.
4. Where do you live? d. Iím designing a new application.
5. What languages do you speak? e. Iím a quality control engineer.
6. How are you getting on with the plans? f. In a factory near Jakarta.
7. What are you working on at the moment? g. For about eighteen months.
8. Are you settling in OK? h. English, Dutch and Mandarin.

Think and answer

1) Why did you decide to become an electrical engineer?

2) Did anybody advise you to choose a career in this field?

3) What can you say about the role of an electrical engineer in the civilized society?

4) What skills and abilities should an electrical engineer possess?


Read the text about the electrician. What topics does Carlos talk about?

- his education and training,

- safety of the job,

- his duties and responsibilities,

- the equipment he uses for troubleshooting,

- the dangers of his work.

Can you guess the meaning of the highlightened words from the context? Check it with a dictionary.


I'm an electrician in the oil industry. I work for BP company. I help to install, maintain and repair electrical wiring, fixtures and control equipment. This includes troubleshooting when things go wrong. A lot of my work is outdoors. I work in all kinds of weather. Sometimes I work in very high places. During any working week, I use all of my personal protective equipment (PPE): a hard hat, safety glasses with side shields, safety shoes, safety gloves, hearing protection, safety harness and breathing apparatus. I also use a special insulating rubber matting. I can stand or sit on it when I work. It reduces the risk of shock.

Electricity creates two main hazards. The first is electrocution. If electricity enters your body, it can burn your badly or kill you. The other hazard is a spark. Sparks are generally hazardous, but especially in the oil and gas industry. If there is a spark in an area with flammable gas, of course there can be explosion. I work very carefully and check everything. Is the electricity switched off? Am I using the right PPE? And other electricians check my work too. We look out for each other.

Would you like to do Carlosís job? Why/why not?

Work in pairs.Ask and answer questions about his job. Act as Carlos and fill the info about his job.



IV. Listen to Sami describing his career path to become a Network Designer. Write what Sami was doing at different ages.

16 _ 20 _

17 _23 _

18 _ 25 _

Listen again. Answer the questions.

1. What subjects did Sami study at school?

2. What does a Service Technician do?

3. What did he like about his job?

4. What were his responsibilities at the exchange?

5. What qualifications did he have by the time he had been 20?

6. What did he learn when he joined the Network design department?

7. What did he study at university?

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