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Advantages of studying abroad

System of education

Children in Belarus start school at the age of 6 or 7. They study 4 years at primary school and then they move to secondary school. Bright pupils take exams and go to gymnasium. After the 9th grade schoolchildren take exams and can stay at the same school for two more years to complete the secondary education or they go to colleges or lytheums.

After the eleventh form schoolchildren take school-leaving exams. They have to sit centralized testing to study at university.

Most schools in Belarus are comprehensive, non-selective and free.

A school year lasts from the first of September to the end of May. It is divided into four terms and vacations. Each lesson lasts 45 minutes.



Our school is one of the best schools in our town. It has got a lot of traditions. The first of September has truly become the Day of Knowledge as our school gathers together the teachers and pupils of all ages. Traditionally the first lesson has become a talk devoted to history and culture of the Republic of Belarus.

Every year pupils are given an opportunity to participate and become winners in different contests, shows, competitions, Olympiads. The most interesting event is the English Language Week. It is usually held in December and encourages pupils to display their language skills in various quizzes, competitions, parties. They are usually devoted to history, culture, outstanding personalities of English-speaking countries. Today it is impossible to imagine our school life without holidays we mark together with our schoolmates and teachers.

Victory Day is considered to be one of the most important national holidays. Though it becomes more and more difficult to organize pupils’ meetings with war veterans everything is done to enable pupils to learn about the horrors and misery of war from those who experienced them. Flowers are brought to the monuments to honour the memory of those who lost their lives during the Great Patriotic War.

Many English and American holidays such as Christmas, St. Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween are widely celebrated in our school.


Advantages of studying abroad

Life’s an adventure. Living abroad can be great fun and it broadens your perspective on life – there are new friends to make, new experiences to have, plus you’ll always have lots of stories to tell to the folks back home.

You can learn another language and immersing yourself in a place where they speak another tongue is the only good way to become fluent. Even if you are not studying that particular language on your study course, it may well come in useful later when you are seeking employment, or in your personal life.

You can explore another culture. They say that travel broadens the mind and finding out about other cultures can be fascinating. It can also give you insights and perspective on your home culture.

You may have better study opportunities abroad than you do at home. You may be able to do a course that you couldn’t do in your home country, or be able to study at a college or university that specializes in your chosen area of study.

Mentioning that you have studied abroad can look very good to potential employers when it comes to applying for jobs. The fact that you have lived and studied abroad shows that you possess valuable workplace qualities such as independence, initiative, and resilience. It also shows that you are not afraid of a challenge and that you can be adaptable if the circumstances demand it.

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