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News and Media.


Newspaper article, to surf the TV channels, to watch much TV, favourite (TV / radio) programme, to be on, the right amount of commercials, live sports coverage, children’s programme, to include violence, long complicated murder mysteries or thrillers, series / soap opera, sit-com, talk show / chat show, interviews with politicians, game show, documentary, TV presenter, host / hostess, cameraman, journalist, newsreader, news reporter, to cover events, news agency, advert, phone-in radio programme

Astonishing / astonished, interesting / interested, boring / bored, worrying / bored, shocking / shocked, upsetting / upset, confusing / confused, embarrassing / embarrassed, surprising / surprised, exciting excited, disappointing / disappointed, pleasing / pleased, terrifying / terrified

Events: (natural) disaster, lucky escape, injury, election, incident, discovery, crime, assault, assassination, terrorist attack

Extreme adjectives: brilliant, tragic, furious, fascinating

  1. What media do we get news from? What news agencies do you know?
  2. What mass medium is the most efficient (the fastest and the most reliable)?
  3. Is news always one hundred per cent true? Why?
  4. How do you prefer to get the news? Why? Do you like ‘infortainment’ news programmes?
  5. Why is it important to know the latest events?
  6. What is the most important / interesting story in the news at the moment?
  7. What are your TV priorities? What is the secret of success of these channels / programmes? What do you usually feel when you watch TV?
  8. Why are commercials so annoying? Can TV do without them? What is their positive side?
  9. Why is TV one of the best ways to relax for many people?
  10. What are the disadvantages of the series?
  11. Why do many people like listening to the radio?
  12. What radio stations offer phone-ins? Have you ever tried to call to such a programme? Why?



Music fan, be into (jazz), to get tickets through the usual ticket agencies, to have a good night out, club goer, that sounds like my kind of thing; a production of a new play by… at..; it stars…, it is called.., it’s directed by.., it’s about..; to phone in a radio programme, to air your views, caller, what’s on your mind; to be convinced by the acting of.., the whole film is pretty much of a cliché from start to finish, I found the whole thing very predictable – the characters and the situation aren’t very original, N. gives a very good performance, the photography is good, I found the whole thing a bit dull, it’s not the best film by any means


  1. How do people usually entertain themselves?
  2. What does an active way of life mean? Are you a club goer? Why do you (dis)like it?
  3. What are the best ways to have a good time for people who prefer to stay in rather than go out?
  4. What is positive about watching a lot of films?
  5. Who is your favourite film director / film star? What is your favourite film? What genre is it? What is it about?
  6. How often do you listen to your favourite radio channel? Is it relaxing / amusing / informative? Why do many people like this way of spending their free time?
  7. Why do so many people like listening to music?


Module 7 (Card 8).

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