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Text 8A A New Era for Aircraft

Text 7A Transport for tomorrow

The text gives some information on transport for the future and innovations used in the car. The main problems connected with it are which vehicle to use and how we are going to use it. According to the text a small electric car will become a usual means of transport in the near future. The car will have an automatic guidance system and the driver will be piloted automatically the greater part of the journey.

To produce new generation cars we need highly developed electronics and new materials. Just 20 years ago the only electronic device in the car was radio. At present modern vehicles are provided with sophisticated electronic systems, such as electronic instrument panel, radar, 4-wheel control system, navigation earth satellite system and others. For example, an electronic instrument panel can tell the driver the level of oil and fuel in the tank, the time of arrival to the place of destination, and so on. Fuel adjusting device can regulate the fuel intake into the carís carburetor to get the best fuel economy.

Recently a new electronic device, a radar, has been developed in the USA. The main function of it is to detect all possible dangers in front of the car and warn the driver that the speed should go down and the driver should apply the breaks.

Speaking about a new generation car Iíd like to say that it has been designed by a Japanese company. The car has a lot of unusual characteristics, for example, the 4-wheel control system ensures the movement diagonally and sideways like a crab, which is especially convenient when leaving the parking place. Many important parts of the car such as pistons, pressure rings, valves are made of new silicon materials, which can withstand temperatures up to 1,000oC, so the car doesnít need a cooling system.

In conclusion I want to say that the number of innovations used in the car is great but it continues to grow and in the future we will have a perfect model.


Text 8A A New Era for Aircraft

The text gives information on the new generation passenger liners of the 21st century. The model of such a supersonic aircraft was demonstrated in Paris on the old La Bourget Airfield.

Itís interesting to note that the airliner looks like a rocket with its elongated fuselage and a sharp nose. The diameter of the fuselage is 4 metres and the overall length 100 metres. The cabin accommodates 300 passengers. The speed of a new liner is 5 or 6 times above the speed of sound. The plane flies so fast that its skin is heated to very high temperatures. That is why the only way out is to fly in the stratosphere.

According to the text to build a reliable supersonic liner we need highly economical combined engines and new heat insulating materials combined with better aerodynamics.

Itís also interesting to say that the aircraft will be lightened by new composite materials used instead of the conventional metal alloys. Because of the extreme temperatures generated by atmospheric friction the aircraft will also require complicated cooling measures. One possibility is to use cryogenic fuel, such as liquid hydrogen both as coolant and propellant. As far as I know specialists in many countries are working on new propeller engines which are much more economical and less noisy than jets.

In conclusion I want to say that new generation aircrafts will have the longer distance of flight and higher level of safety and comfort. If passenger liners of this type are built, the distance between Tokyo and Moscow will be covered in less than two hours.


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