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Ways of rising finance for different types of businesses.

There are three ways to get money: bank debt, private investors and venture capitalists.

The bank doesnít want to lend money to inexperienced entrepreneurs and to people who donít have trading history. If you are a start-up business you should ask private investors. They want to invest in high-risk, high return business.

And the third is venture capitalist. They are looking at raise more than a million pounds.

So, if you are an established business you can raise money is a bank debt. Is you want under a million pounds than you borrow from private investors and if itís more than you turn to venture capital.

3. Śů indicators Óf ŗ company's financial success. Ways to increase revenue.

There are three areas that venture capitalists look at. They look at the market, at the industry and at the management team. The market is a important area because investors want to invest in a business which is growing very quickly.

The second area industry. If an entrepreneur starts a business investors should be sure that they have a lot of competitive advantage. That means that should have intellectual property or some patents.

The final area is the management. They look at the experience of the management team. Then they look at the business plan and the individual commitment personal of the managers.



 Śů characteristics Óf high-quality goods. The concept of quality.

In production and operations management, over the past few decades, there has been increasing emphasis on quality in terms of such features as appearance, reliability, durability, serviceability, and so on. Product/service quality is the totality of features and characteristics of a product or services that .bear on its ability to satisfy a given need.

The concept of quality concerns how well and for how long a product or service meets the requirements of the customer. The quality of a product or service is the result of two separate activities: (1) product or service design, and (2) the operations system that makes the product or provides the service. How well the design meets the market needs and the process meet the design specification determines the quality level of the particular product or service. Quality has two different interpretations depending on whose viewpoint are being used - the consumer or the production/operations manager. The consumer's view is based on the value of qualities desired and values received. The consumer's concern is service, performance, appearance, and so on. The producerís concern is a set of defined standards. The consumer may consider such standards to be evidence of high or low quality depending upon what was expected and that all units of production must consistently meet those standards as well as specifications, whatever they may be. At the same time as the customerís confidence in the level of quality should be attentively considered, cost of quality problems is also an important factor.


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