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Read the first sentence, and choose the most suitable a verb to complete the second sentence

Gerund or Infinitive

1) Witnesses reported that they saw the bank robber __climbing__(climb) out of the window.

2) Mr. Edwards chose______to accept______ (accept) the management position in Chicago.

3) She considered______moving_________ to New York. (move)

4) We were all exhausted so we stopped____to get___________ (get) some rest at a motel.

5) The proposals might involve______imposing_______ (impose) sanctions on Iran.

6) Despite budget constraints the keeps on___making___________ (make) innovative programmes.

7) She managed___to communicate_____________ (communicate) with them, even though she didn't speak their language.

8) He delayed_____paying________ (pay) his taxes.

9) The lawyer said that the judges should hesitate___to find_________ (find) the defendant guilty of contempt of court.

10) He refused ______to speak_________to me after our fight. (speak)

Complete the second sentence so that it has similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given

1)I think you should tell her now what you think of her behaviour.


It's high_time we told________her your opinion of her behaviour.

2) Scientists in the human genome project feel that they are about to discover the secret of life.

the verge of

Scientists in the human genome project_are on the verge of discovering_________ the secret of life.

3) Studying law is more appealing to me than economics.


I would rather study law__________than economics.

4) Motorists will be held responsible in the civil courts for all accidents involving cyclists unless they can prove they are not to blame.


Motorists will be held responsible in the civil courts for all accidents involving cyclists_except if they can prove they are not to blame_________

5) I can meet you if you arrive before seven.


I can meet you______as long as you arrive_____ before seven.

) The driver will have to pay the damages. He may say anything.

no matter what

The driver will have to pay the damages _no matter what he says__________________________.

Read the first sentence, and choose the most suitable a verb to complete the second sentence

I. The manager: "It was your fault that we lost the Siemens contract."

The manager accused/warned/blamed/ encouraged me for losing the Siemens contract.

2. The police officer: "We believe that you have been making obscene calls to this office."

The police officer accused / warned / blamed / encouraged him of making obscene calls to the office.

. The accused: "I hacked into the company's accounts system."

The accused denied / admitted/ threatened that he had hacked into the company's accounts system.

4. "Ellie, you are absolutely NOT allowed to go to the party."

Ellie's mum forbade /forced /allowed/ encouraged her to go to the party.

4 Complete each sentence with a relative pronoun (that/ which/ ,which/ ,who/ who/ whose).

1) The tribes people_____, who_______ traded with the settlers, retained their land.

2) FedEx is an international company__whose_______________ reputation is very good.

3) Some retailers use too much packaging____,_which______ can damage the environment.

4) The global warming conference_,_which____________ was held in the Hague, has ended without agreement.

5) The body of a man_____who_______ jumped off the Severn Bridge has been found in the river.


5 Underline the correct ed or -ink adjectives.

1) M friend lost her job, she hasn't got any money and she had to move out of her flat. She's really unhappy and (depressing / depressed), and her situation makes me feel (depressing/depressed) too.

2) Greeks are growing as (tiring/tired) of protests as they are of austerity measures.

3) Foreign travel is really (excited /exciting). I'm going to Mexico next month, and I'm really (excited / exciting) about it!

4) Many airports found ways to cope with (bored / boring) passengers, ranging from television lounges to children's activity areas.

5) (Delayed/delaying) passengers seem to appreciate comfortable seating and the availability of a wide range of refreshments.

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