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The steam generating units

Direct Payment into an account is the normal method of payment for benefits and pensions. It is a safe, convenient, and efficient method of payment. Find out how Direct Payment gives you flexibility to choose where and when to collect your money, and access a range of other financial services.

Advantages of using an account

You can choose to have your money paid into one of a variety of accounts. These can be a basic bank account, current account, or a building society or credit union account.

Having an account gives you the flexibility to withdraw money from a variety of places when needed. This includes a wide range of banks, cash machines and the cashback facilities offered by many high street retailers.

Additionally, many high street bank accounts are accessible at the Post Office®. You can collect money from a Post Office branch using a current or basic bank account. You can do this if your bank has an arrangement with Post Office® Limited.

Post Office card account

Customers can also use a Post Office card account (POca). This is a simple account specifically designed for the payment of benefits and pensions from government departments. From 23rd March 2010, if you are a Post Office card account holder, you can access your account via Post Office® branded cash machines. This is in addition to using the counter service.

How you can choose the right account

If you want to know more about choosing the right account to receive your benefit or pension, please contact the office dealing with your claim.

If you don't already have an account then the link below may also help you choose the right account to suit your needs.

If someone else collects your benefit

If you need help collecting your benefit or pension payment you can arrange for someone else to do it for you.


The steam generating units



Task 1

List the main components of steam generating unit


Task 2

Study the diagram below of a once-through steam-generating unit. Answer these questions using the diagram and your own knowledge of engineering


  1. What are the main parts of once-through steam-generating unit?
  2. What is an air heater?
  3. What is an economizer?
  4. Why are the once-through steam-generating units called so?

A Principal Scheme of once-through steam-generating unit.

1. Water Economizer. 2. Evaporating Heating Surfaces

3. Intermediated Zone 4-5. Superheaters. 6. Air Heater.



1.steam generating unit 2.steam generating unit with natural circulation 3.once-through steam generating unit 4.furnace 5.drum 6.bank 7.to recover 8.heat exchanger 9.chimney 10.induced-draft fan 11.forced-draft fan 12.feedwater 13.gravity 14.multiple 15.either…or 16.except for 17.by means of 18.duct work 19.to result in 20.since 21.the latter 22.therefore 23.in effect 24.superheater 25.reheater   26.fire-tube boiler 27.water-tube boiler 28.header 29.versatility 30.to come in 31.to suit 32.acceptance 33.opeating cost 34.to eliminate   парогенератор парогенератор с естественной циркуляцией прямоточный парогенератор топка барабан, цилиндр пучок (труб), батарея, группа возвращать, получать обратно теплообменник дымовая труба, дымоход вытяжной вентилятор, дымосос дутьевой вентилятор питательная вода сила тяжести многократный или…или исключение с помощью, посредством трубопроводный механизм приводить к чему-либо так как последний (из упомянутых) поэтому в действительности, в сущности пароперегреватель 1) подогреватель 2) вторичный перегреватель дымогарный котел водотрубный котел водяной коллектор универсальность, разносторонность бывать соответствовать, подходить одобрение эксплутационные расходы 1) исключать 2) не считать


Task 3

Remember the pronunciation of the following words


pressure otherwise
once-through dust collector
economizer objectionable
maintained thence
effective thus
surface major


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