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Activity 9 Trying to find a flat in London

Choose the correct item.


It is very / far more expensive to live in London than any other city in Britain. Rents are much / veryhigher and it is most / fardifficult to find accommodation of any kind. Trying to find a flat in a convenient location is even / verymore frustrating. You can live in the suburbs, but it will take you much / anylonger to get to work and the fares are very / farhigh. Wages are normally a bit / veryhigher in London, but that doesnít mean you will have many / much more money to spend, since the cost of living there is most / evenhigher than you would expect.

Activity 10Complete the sentences, using a bit / a little / much / a lot / farfor comparison.


Model:Itís ... today than it was yesterday. (warm)

Itís a little warmer today than it was yesterday.


1. This flat is too small for our family, we need something .... (big)

2. Itís ... to learn a foreign language in the country where it is spoken. (easy)

3. Did you enjoy your visit to Britain? Ė Yes, I found it ... than I expected. (interesting)

4. The hotel was surprisingly cheap. I expected it to be .... (expensive)

5. Itís a pity I lived so far from the city centre. I wish I lived .... (near)

6. Youíll find your way around the town ... if you have a map. (quickly)

7. He is not keen on his studies. Heís ... in having a good time. (interested)

8. Youíre late. I expected you to be here .... (early)

9. I donít play tennis much now. I used to play .... (often)

10. The grammar test was ... than we expected. (difficult)

11. Your English has improved. You speak ... than you did when we last met. (fluently)

12. She looks about 20, but in fact she is ... than she looks. (old)

13. Health and happiness are ... than money. (important)

14. We always go camping when we are on holiday. Itís ... than staying in a hotel. (cheap)

15. Ann works ... than most of her friends. (hard)


Activity 11Maria is a foreign student in London. She is speaking about the problems of learning English. Complete what Maria says using comparatives of the adjectives in brackets; add than where necessary.


Oh, why is English such a difficult language! I think itís much more difficult than (much | difficult) French. Sometimes I feel that my English is getting (1) ...... (bad), not (2)...... (good)! When you first start learning English, it seems (3)...... (a lot | easy) other languages and the grammar looks (4)...... (much | simple). However, when you become (5)...... (a little | advanced), it gets (6)...... (a lot | complicated). There are also so many words in English! The dictionary I bought when I first came to Britain is far too small. Iím already looking for something (7)...... (rather | big) and (8)...... (comprehensive).


Activity 12Read the following reports on two hotels. Compare them and choose which hotel to stay.

Model:The Supercontinental is a bit farther the city centre than the Sheraton. The Sheraton is much more expensive than the Supercontinental.


  The Supercontinental The Sheraton
1. Position: 15 minutes from city centre 5 minutes from city centre
2. Accomodation: 80 rooms 280 rooms
3. Price: £60-85 per night £100-800 per night
4. Facilities: restaurant, bar, tennis court, parking lot restaurant, bar, night club, pool, sauna, parking lot
5. Food: small choice but excellent wide choice on menu
6. Service: a little slow but friendly efficient but impersonal
7. Comments: quiet and comfortable rather noisy


Activity 13Complete the proverbs with the correct degree of adjectives. Find the Russian equivalents.


1. ...... late than never, but ...... never late. (good, good)

2. Say well is good, do well is ....... (good)

3. Itís ...... said than done. (easy)

4. Those do ...... who speak most. (little)

5. Itís ...... to see once than to hear twice. (good)

6. A good name is ...... than riches. (good)

7. The pen is ...... than the sword. (mighty)

8. The grass is always ...... on the other side. (green)

9. He laughs ...... who laughs last. (good)

10. The ...... haste the ...... speed. (much, little)

Activity 14Complete the story.


Donald and Gloria are looking for a place to live. Last week they saw an apartment on Grant Street that Donald liked very much. This week theyíre looking at an apartment on Brighton Boulevard that Gloria likes better.


Gloria: The living room in the Grant Street apartment is so small, and this one is much (large) ____. Also, the kitchen in the Grant Street apartment is so dark, and this one is much (light) ____.

Donald: Thatís true. But the Grant Street apartment is cheap, and this one is much (expensive) ____.

Gloria: No wonder! Thatís because the Grant Street apartment is old and ugly, and this one is much (new) ____ and (pretty) ____. The Grant Street yard is so little, and this yard is much (big) ____.

Donald: But donít you think the superintendent at the Brighton Boulevard apartment is a little lazy? Iím sure the Grant Street superintendent is much (energetic) ____. And I think the Brighton Boulevard landlord is stingy. The one on Grant Street is much (generous) ____.

Gloria: You might be right. But Grant Street is so narrow and dirty, and Brighton Boulevard is much (wide) ____ and (clean) ____.

Donald: I agree. But the Brighton Boulevard neighbours are so unfriendly, and the Grant Street neighbours are much (hospitable) ____. Donít you think that living on Brighton Boulevard is going to be boring? Iím sure that living on Grant Street will be much (interesting) ____.

Gloria: Hmm. What do you think we should do?

Donald: I donít know. I guess we should look at the apartment on School Street before we decide.


What would you choose in their place? Why?

Activity 15 a) Compare England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Try to give as many comparisons as you can.

Information England Scotland Wales N. Ireland
Area 130,441 78,775 20,768 14,120
Highest mountain Scaffel Pike, 978 m Ben Nevis, 1342 m Snowdon, 1085 m Slieve Donard, 852 m
Population 46,029,000 5,229,000 2,723,596 1,536,000
Largest city (population) London 6,970,100 Glasgow 809,700 Cardiff 287,000 Belfast 363,000

b) Work in pairs. You are planning a guided tour for a foreign delegation visiting your country. What cities and places will you show them and why?


Activity 16Work in groups. Answer the questions below, using the information from the table. Which car would you like to buy?


Model Fiat Honda Jaguar Mercedes Renault Vaux Volvo
Price, $
Speed, km/h
Engine, c.cm
Length, cm
Width, cm
Height, cm
Weight, kg


Which car:

1. is the fastest? 2. is the slowest? 3. is the shortest? 4. is the cheapest? 5. has got the smallest engine? 6. is the longest? 7. has got the biggest engine? 8. is the heaviest? 9. is the most expensive? 10. is the lightest?  

Which cars:

1. are the same in height? 2. are the same in length?


Activity 17Read and make sentences with superlatives,

Model:Sydney is the largest city in Australia.


Sydney Brazil Everest Jupiter Alaska the Nile Vatican City the Moon Asia Oceania large long high small near country city planet state mountain continent river the USA Africa the World the Solar system South America Australia

Activity 18Work in pairs. Look at the activities listed below and share opinions with your partner.


the most exciting the dullest the most expensive the safest the most dangerous the most energetic the most relaxing the most rewarding the most mindless


butterfly collecting learning languages watching television playing the piano stamp collecting cooking cycling knitting reading walking dancing mountain climbing parachuting playing tennis scuba diving sewing skiing gambling fishing swimming

Activity 19Work in2 groups. Read these verses. Open the brackets with the superlatives. What are these verses about?


The Duty of the Strong (fragment) You who are the ___(old), You who are the ___(tall), Donít you think you ought to help The ___(young) and the ___(small)? You who are the ___(strong), You who are the ___(quick), Donít you think you ought to help The ___(weak) and the ___(sick)? Gelett Burgess Love and the Rose (fragment) The rose is ___(fair) When Ďtis budding new, And hope is ___(bright) When it dawns from fears The rose is ___(sweet) Washed with morning dew, And love is ___(lovely) When embalmed in tears! Walter Scott

Activity 20Restore the questions using superlatives and answer them.

Model:What / big / city / the USA? What is the biggest city in the USA?

New York is the biggest city in the USA.


1. Who / famous politician / your country?

2. What / popular sport / Canada?

3. What / happy / day / your life?

4. What / delicious meal / you / ever tasted?

5. Who / intelligent person / you know?

6. What / useful thing / you have?

7. What / difficult decision / you had to make?

8. What / difficult (easy) subject / you?

9. What / interesting book / you / ever read?

10. What / exciting film / you / ever seen?

11. What / your / favourite season?

12. What / good country / for a holiday?

13. What / unforgettable place / you / ever visited?

14. Who / your / devoted friend?

15. What / your / cherished desire?

Activity 21Give your ideas to complete the sentences. Use ďtheĒ

if needed.


1. ... most beautiful city in England.

2. ... best modern writer.

3. ... most dangerous when they are hungry.

4. ... happiest day in my life.

5. ... quietest in the early morning.

6. ... most efficient way to learn a language.

7. ... biggest ocean on our planet.

8. ... most favourite place in London.

9. ... most exciting book Iíve ever read.

10. ... most terrific experience in my life.

11. ... most expensive thing I own.

12. ... most interesting person Iíve ever met.

13. ... the oldest university in England.

14. ... most spoken language.

15. ... smallest country in the world.

Activity 22 The Best / Worst Evening Weíve Ever Had!

Fill in the gaps with the superlatives.


Last night my sister Frieda and I went out to a restaurant for dinner and to the ballet. I thought the restaurant was wonderful, but my sister thought it was the (bad) worst restaurant sheíd ever been to. I thought the food was delicious and exciting, but Frieda thought it was the (plain) ____ food sheíd ever eaten.

After dinner, we took a taxi to the theatre. I thought the taxi was fast, but my sister thought it was the (slow) ____ taxi sheíd ever taken. I thought the taxi driver was polite and careful. Frieda thought he was the (impolite) ____ and the (dangerous) ____ taxi driver sheíd ever met.

At the ballet, my sister thought the dancers were clumsy, but I thought they were the (graceful) ____ and the (talented) ____ dancers Iíd ever seen. Frieda thought the theatre was ugly, but I thought it was the (beautiful) ____ theatre Iíd ever seen. I thought the seats were soft and comfortable, but my sister thought they were the (hard) ____ and the (uncomfortable) ____ seats sheíd ever sat in. Frieda thought the ballet was boring, but I thought it was the (interesting) ____ ballet Iíd ever been to. My sister Frieda complained so much that she made me have a terrible time, but I really think she had the (bad) ____ time of all.

Activity 23Fill in the gaps in these sentences from ďGuinness Book of

RecordsĒ with the words from the box.


  man hair animal street place mountain tree sunny heavy fast wide tall old hot high long  


1.The giraffe can be over 6 metres tall. It is ....

2. Shigecho Izumi from Japan was 117 years old when he died. He was ....

3. Swami Pandaranadhi from India had hair about 8 metres long. He had ....

4. The Blue Whale weighs up to 190 tonnes. It is ....

5. In the eastern Sahara the sun shines for more 97% of the days. It is ... in the world.

6. The Giant Sequoia is over 83 metres high. It is ....

7. The cheetah can run at a speed of 100 km per hour. It is ... in the world.

8. In Dallol (in Ethiopia) the average temperature is +34,5 įC. It is ... in the world.

9. The Monumental Avenue in Brasilia is 250 metres wide. It is ....

10. Chris Greener from Britain is 227 cm tall. He is ... in Britain.

11. Antonio Ferreira is only 75 cm tall. He is ... in the world.

12. The family of Elizabeth and John Moth has 42 children. It is ... in Britain. 13. People of Sweden drink 2.985 pounds of coffee per person a year. They are the worldís ....

Activity 24Read the following notes from the diary of a mountaineer.

Then complete the exercise below.


  Day 1. Didnít climb far. Fairly easy day.   Day 4. Climbed for eight hours. Very long day.   Day 7. Altitude made air thin. Very exhausting.
  Day 2. Wind icy! Extremely cold!   Day 5. Weather appalling! A very bad day.   Day 8. Impossible to climb. Very frustrating!
  Day 3. Didnít make much progress. Extremely depressing.   Day 6. Climb very difficult. A very hard day.   Day 9. Reached the top at last! Tremendously exciting!


1. The first day was the easiest because he didnít climb far.

2. The second day was ___________ because he climbed for eight hours.

3. The third day was ___________ because ___________.

4. The fourth day was ___________ because ___________.

5. The fifth day was ___________ because ___________.

6. The sixth day was ___________ because ___________.

7. The seventh day was ___________ because ___________.

8. The eighth day was ___________ because ___________.

9. The ninth day was ___________ because ___________.

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