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Activity 11 Christmas Presents

Serena is writing to Santa and making a list of all the things

she and her family would like to get for Christmas. Choose the suitable words and put them into the plural.

box candy friend candy mouse pony child ski shoe party tool shelf knife dish baby toy scarf cookie friend family house wish fork


Dear Santa Claus

I am really looking forward to Christmas and I want to tell you about the presents we’d all like.

I’d love to have two …. of crayons. I’d like a lot of …. to share with my …. Don’t put the …. in my stocking because I think there are some …. living in the roof of the house. My sister and I would love two …. Dad thinks this is silly because we live in a town he says …. can’t look after them. Jack, my brother, would like some new …. My sister Rose wants some new red …. because she’s going to lots of …. this Christmas. Dad wants some …. because he plans to build some new …. in my bedroom. We need some new …., …. and …. for our kitchen, too. I’d like a teddy bear for my little brother Thomas because …. love cuddly …. Mom would like two new …. Grandma would like those delicious chocolate … from the baker’s store on Main Street.

I must stop now because I am going to help my …. and their .... decorate their …. These are just a few of our Christmas ….

Lots of love from Serena x x x

Activity 12 A few or a little?

a)Complete the following weather forecast.

b)Make the weather forecast for the last week / month.


After a clear night, it will be a dry day in most places, though (1) … areas will have (2) … rain in the afternoon. In the south it will be rather dull with only (3) … sunshine and the possibility of (4) …showers later in the day. In the Midlands and East Anglia there may be (5) …fog at first, but this should clear quickly, giving a bright day with temperatures (6) …degrees above zero. The cold weather over Scotland is likely to continue (7) … for … more days, with (8) … snow on high ground. However, milder weather is expected by the weekend.

Activity 13 Some or any?


1. He hasn’t got … brothers or sisters.

2. I like … water sports but not all of them.

3. Could I have … more coffee, please? – Yes, of course.

4. If you need … more information, please call me.

5. Phone me … time tomorrow. I’ll be at home all day.

6. I’ve done … revision for the exams, but not too much.

7. … museums in this city are worth visiting, but others aren’t.

8. Tony, do you need … help?

9. Let’s meet … time next week.

10. I like … Elvis Presley records but not all of them.


Activity 14 Complete the sentences using much, many, a lot of, a little, little, a few, few, any. Sometimes more than one answer is possible.


1. I know … people in London, but not many.

2. We’ve got … coffee left, but not much.

3. He earns … money in his job.

4. Mary has got … classical music discs.

5. Have you got … information about the Beatles?

6. How … money do you usually spend on holiday?

7. I didn’t enjoy the party yesterday. There were too … people and very … food.

8. He has very … friends here, so he is happy.

9. He has very … friends here, so he feels very lonely.

10. There is very … traffic on the road at this time of the day.

11. I think Peter went out … minutes ago.

12. It’s a very boring book. There are very … dialogues there.

13. Bob feels … better today.

14. If I had … time, I would start learning Irish dancing.

15. … Easter customs have come down to us from long ago.


Activity 15 Study each sentence carefully. Some of them are not correct. If a sentence is correct, put a tick. If a sentence has a mistake, find it and correct.


0. Go to the room and fetch two chair. 00. I locked all the safes. 1. Cats like to catch and eat mouses. 2. Where are the money? I put them in the safe. 3. All my chieves are very ambitious. 4. There isn’t many water in the pool today. 5. I have to listen to my parents’ advices. 6. My brother said that he doesn’t like childs. 7. During the strike two man-reporters were injured. 8. The scientists have prepared good data for the conference. 9. He showed me a lot of photoes of his last trip to Italy. 10. My grandfather has some gold teeth. 11. Let me give you an advice: don’t make me angry! 12. He always eats a bread with soup.   two chairs. V

Activity 16 Choose the correct form of the verbs. Say when both forms are correct.


1. All the additional information is / are available in the electronic catalogue.

2. The news was / were very unexpected and shocking.

3. The football team was / were wearing the new red clothes.

4. Measles is / are infectious.

5. The scissors cut / cuts very well.

6. The committee is / are responsible for making contacts with the authors.

7. The crew was / were all the experienced sailors.

8. The police was / were called in to deal with the riot.

9. Police tries / try to catch the criminals.

10. The scenery is / are spectacular in the Crimea.

11. The stairs in the office is / are covered with the carpets.

12. The statistics shows / show that unemployment has increased these years.


Activity 17 Work with your partner. Make up short talks. You may use the words given in the box.


A: Wow! I’ve got two news for you: one good news and one bad news. Good news – I wanted to give you money you lent me a week ago. The second news is bad – I lost it.

B: ….


weather success advice jeans advertisement picture government faculty festival timetable lottery hair glasses information family advice coffee


Activity 18 Match the words in column A with those in column B to make compound nouns. Ask your partner to give a definition to each word using who, which, where, that, whose.


Pass Pen News Suit Guide First-aid Shop Light Hair Vacuum Walk Traveler’s assistant dresser port knife cheque book kit cleaner paper case lifter switch


Model: A shop-assistant is a person whose job is to serve people in a shop.


Activity 19 You and your friend are going to invite your friends for a party. This is your shopping list. Discuss if it will be enough or not and write down a new list:

a kilo of potatoes a box of sweets a bag of potato crisps a fish a goose a box of ice-cream a sharp knife a big tomato a bottle of coke a CD a loaf of bread What else?

Activity 20 Find out. Ask your partner for some information. Use the following quantifiers:


much many a lot of few a few little a little lots of plenty of some any


1. How many English magazines do you have at home?

2. How many mistakes did you make in your last grammar test?

3. How many pets have you got at home?

4. How many books have you read this year?

5. How much furniture is there in your flat?

6. How many students were present at the last lecture yesterday?

7. How many gold rings do you wear?

8. How much information have you heard about UFO?

9. How much money do you spend weekly?

10. How many people congratulated you on your last birthday?

11. How many British writers do you know?

12. How many pairs of jeans do you have?

Activity 21 Fill in the gaps in the following dialogue with the words from the box. Try to use each quantifier at least once. Dramatize the dialogue with your partner.


many a lot of a great deal of much a number of plenty of any some


Director: Has there been (1)… much response to the job advertisement?

Manager: Oh, yes. We’ve had (2)… applications. The only trouble is that not (3)… of them are really suitable. They’ve either got (4)… qualifications but not (5)… experience or vice versa. Take this girl, for example. She hasn’t got (6)… qualifications, but she’s got (7)… different jobs.

Director: Well, sometimes experience is more important than qualifications. Anyway, we haven’t got (8)… time, so we’ll have to make a decision now. Do you have (9)… idea how (10)… of them we’ll need to interview?

Manager: Well, I’ve put (11)… of them aside for you to look at, and then we can make a short list.

Director: Fine. I’ve got (12)…things to do this morning. So perhaps, we can discuss it then.

Manager: That suits me.


Activity 22Fill in the gaps. Use the correct quantifier: few, a few, many, much, little, a little, some, any, a lot of, plenty of.

Discuss the items 1, 5, 6, 7.

1. Books for children must have … pictures in them. The more – the better.

2. It’s difficult for me to read books in English as I know too … English words.

3. How … weeks are left before the exams?

4. My diet allows me …hard-boiled eggs, … cheese and milk, …potatoes, and very … bread.

5. Is it normal to ask people how … money they earn?

6. If you’re a housewife, you have … work at home.

7. To eat … salt is very harmful for health.

8. She eats very …, but she is still so skinny.

9. Will you give me … bread, please? I’ll feed the pigeons.

10. My grandmother has … grandchildren: 7 grandsons and five granddaughters.

11. Is there … salt on the table? – Yes, there is … .

12. Tyumen is an old town. You can find … houses with wooden carving.

13. Do you speak French? – Yes, I speak … .

14. There are … irregular verbs in the English grammar.

15. I can’t afford going to the seaside this summer; I have … money.

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