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Warsaw (Poland), Constance (Romania), St. Petersburg (Russia) are the general twin town of Odessa and Istanbul.

Turkish Republic

Political system: Parliamentary Republic. The head of state - the President of the Republic elected from among deputies. The head of the government - the Prime minister.


Official language:Turkish

Main religion: Islam

Monetary unit: New Turkish lira

National holiday: October 29, 1923 - Independence Day.


Istanbul - the unique city in the world, located on two continents, along coast of Bosporus dividing Asia and Europe, and also uniting Black and Marble Seas.

Population: 12.57 million people

Total area: 114.67 km²

History: The first mentions of local settlers are dated in the 17th B.C. when on the Asian side of Bosporus megareets laid Halkedon's colony. In 1 century BC the independent city of Vizanty in which territory modern Istanbul settles down, got under the power of Rome. In 330 BC according to instructions of emperor Konstantin the city became the capital of the Empire and was called Constantinople. In 1453 after capture by Turks, Istanbul becomes the capital of the Ottoman Empire. After empire disintegration in 1923 is formed an independent Turkey, the city of Ankara becomes which capital, in turn. Today Istanbul is a large business and market center.

Economy: In Istanbul more than 200 000 trade enterprises and 7 500 factories the number of workers on which makes more than 2 million people, the number of employees reaches 300 thousand people. In addition, in Istanbul, there are 350,000 street vendors. Through the city passes 46 % of national export and 40 % of an import. For the city of GNP of Turkey reaches 23 %. Today in Istanbul 35 % of all bank deposits and 33 % of all credit weight of the country are concentrated.

Culture and education:The most part of historical and tourist richness of Istanbul are in such areas, as Sarayburna and Sultanakhmet. In total in the city more than two and a half thousand mosques, 40 churches, 16 synagogues, 20 universities. Monuments of culture are the Museum Aja-Cofiya, Dvorets Topkapy, Sultanakhmet's Mosque, the Archeology Museum, the Museum of Turkish and Islamic culture, the Mosaic Museum. In 1959 the city received the Euro prize. Besides, Istanbul is declared by the European capital of culture of 2010. Such districts of Istanbul as to Beyogla and Bakyrkyoy, as Odessa, are members of the international organization "Eurocities".


The City Day isn't celebrated.


Mayor of Istanbul: Mr. Kadir Topbas (the next election will be held in 2014)


The contract on establishment of friendly relations signed in Istanbul on November 2, 1997. With the side of Odessa, it was signed by mayor Edward Gurvits, from Istambul - the Lord Mayor Redzhen Tayin Erdoan.


Warsaw (Poland), Constance (Romania), St. Petersburg (Russia) are the general twin town of Odessa and Istanbul.

Other twin town of Istanbul:Alma-Ata (Kazakhstan), Amman (Jordan), Athens (Greece), Baku (Azerbaijan), Bangkok (Thailand), Barcelona (Spain), Beirut (Lebanon), Berlin (Germany), Budapest (Hungary), Bucharest (Romania), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Venice (Italy), Havana (Cuba), Grozny (Russia), Damascus (Syria), Jakarta (Indonesia), Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), Johore Bahru (Malaysia), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Durres (Albania), Isfahan (Iran), Kabul (Afghanistan), Kazan (Russia), Cairo (Egypt), Caracas (Venezuela), Cologne (Germany), Konstantin (Algeria), Lahore (Pakistan), London (Great Britain), Mary (Turkmenistan), Mexico City (Mexico), Osh (Kyrgyzstan), Plovdiv (Bulgaria), Prague (Czech Republic), Busan (Republic of Korea), Rabat (Morocco), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Rotterdam (Netherlands), Samarkand (Uzbekistan), Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Sian (China), Shimonoseki (Japan), Skopje (Macedonia), Stockholm (Sweden), Strasbourg (France), Surabaja (Indonesia), Tabriz (Iran), Toronto (Canada), Florence (Italy), Khartoum (Sudan), Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam), Houston (USA), Shanghai (China).


Chronology of official meetings and visits:

September 15-28, 1997 -visit to Odessa representatives of Majlis of the Istanbul Mother country during which terms of signing of the Contract on a twinning were stipulated, the text and the main directions of further cooperation is approved it, and also the Protocol on establishment of the twinning relations is signed.

September, 1997 -Odessa held a round table for representatives of business circles of Odessa and Istanbul.

October, 1998 - the delegation of Odessa led by the mayor took part in celebration of the 75 anniversary of the Turkish Republic.

1998 - on "Photo-exhibition of the twin-cities of Istanbul" were presented works of a number of the Odessa pictorialists. Besides, information on Odessa, necessary for book publishing house about the twin town of Istanbul was prepared and sent to Istanbul.

1999 - representatives of municipality of Istanbul took part in the international conference "In the third millennium without wars and violence".


1999 -the group of rescuers and humanitarian assistance to earthquake victims was sent to the cities of Istanbul and Izmit (Kodzhayeli) from Odessa.

2000 - the Odessa athletes took part in track and field athletics running "The Eurasian marathon" in Istanbul symbolizing unity of continents.

2003 - the team of the Odessa veterans of sports took part in the Second Black Sea games which were taking place in Istanbul.

September, 2004 - the delegation led by the first deputy the Lord-mayor of Istanbul Mr. Idris Gyullyudzhe visited Odessa on the occasion of celebration of the 210th anniversary from the date of the basis of Odessa.

July, 2005 -the delegation of the Odessa city council led by the head of department of education visited Istanbul for the purpose of an exchange of experience in education.

April, 2006 - presentation flight of the new passenger-and-freight ferry "Southern Palmira" by Odessa-Istanbul-Odessa took place. During two-day stay of delegation of the Odessa city council led by the deputy department of external relations Fighting is Boeva S.Y. in Istanbul meetings with the Consul general of Ukraine in Istanbul by Puzyrko V. M., a formal reception at Lord Mayor Kadir Topbas and negotiations with directors of various departments are held on renewal and further development of cooperation.

June, 2006 -the deputy of the Odessa city council visited a seminar in Istanbul, devoted to problems of financial management.

September, 2006 -the visit of the official delegation of Istanbul headed by Deputy Chairman of the City Council, Mr. Ahmed Selyamet to Odessa within City Day celebrations.

November, 2006 - the delegation of the Odessa city council led by the head of department of education visited Istanbul for an exchange of experience in education.

February, 2007 - the head of department concerning share activity and work with securities of the Odessa city council took part in the 4th International congress on structuring financing of municipalities and local governments in Eastern Europe, SNG countries and the countries of the Black Sea which took place in Istanbul.

April, 2007 -The secretary of the Odessa city council visited Istanbul for participation in the 4th International Summit of mayors of the world. During the Summit mayors and governors of the leading cities of the world exchanged ideas and experience in various spheres of a municipal government.

April, 2007 -

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