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Accommodation will be provided for you in campus halls. An indication of the kind of facilities available can be found on the accommodation website:



All meals, including breakfast and lunch, will be available for summer school students on campus as part of your accommodation, with the exception of scheduled away days and evening excursions to city centre eateries (please see timetable). There are also a number of good local restaurants adjacent to the Aston campus, should you prefer to look further afield in your free time.


All teaching on the Aston campus during the first week of the summer school will take place in Aston’s Main Building (building number 1 on the campus map). Please ask for directions at the Reception Desk if you are unable to any facilities within the building.


Smokingis not permitted anywhere in the Main Building or accommodation.





About the Summer School in Globalisation, European Integration and the UK

This bespoke Summer School on the topic of “Globalisation, European Integration and the UK” is designed for undergraduate students taking degree programmes which focus on issues connected to EU politics, UK integration and the global context. This Summer School delivers a unique opportunity to study current questions of relevance with leading experts in the field. Our emphasis is on rigorous academic endeavour combined with a hands-on practical approach to the study of the European Union, global politics, and the impact on British society.


The Summer School gets to grips with the challenges that shape politics in the modern world. Students will have the opportunity to study three thematic pathways: an introduction to the nature of British politics, a broad analysis of contemporary global processes, and a unique focus on the impact of European integration on the British way of life. Participants in the Summer School will be encouraged to relate their knowledge of British social issues to a broader international context.


The Summer School takes place over a period of two weeks, and will take place at the Aston Centre for Europe, Aston University. The scholars will be accommodated and taught within to the 40-acre university campus, which houses all the University's academic, social and accommodation facilities. The programme consists of studies undertaken in small seminars, with an expert tutor as well as student-led discussion groups. Distinguished members of the faculty at Aston University will deliver the classes. Lectures will also be given by invited experts from other British universities, offering wider insights into the topic under consideration.


Students will also participate in the wide programme of cultural activities and excursions that will be undertaken as part of this Summer School. In addition to orientation programmes in the city of Birmingham, a full social programme will deliver key networking and team skills for participants. Students will have the opportunity to explore Britain’s second largest and diverse, multi-cultural city, visit the civic landmarks of the city, and enjoy one of the famous “Balti” curries that are a local speciality in Birmingham. Day trips will take in the cultural sights of the historic Ironbridge Gorge, home of the industrial revolution, and Stratford-Upon-Avon, the birthplace of William Shakespeare. This cultural programme will allow participants to sample some of Britain’s rich cultural heritage.


In summary, this Summer School aims to furnish the best possible academic, professional and social experience to participants and, specifically, to:


  • Develop deep knowledge and understanding of globalization and European integration in the contemporary world;
  • Broaden participants’ ability to apply core concepts in politics to an analysis of contemporary society;
  • Develop their academic English skills and enhance their knowledge of British academic life and culture.


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About Aston University | The Summer School will be led by Dr. Nathaniel Copsey, Reader at Aston University and Co-Director of the Aston Centre for Europe.
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