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Product Mix Decision

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Product details

Omega Electronics comes out with Galaxy

Two years ago, Omega launched the Omega Star mobile phone. Now, our designers have developed an even better phone. We are pleased to announce the arrival of the Omega Galaxy. The Galaxy is manufactured solely for use by TeleCom Wireless customers. Omega is proud to partner with the nationís leading mobile service provider.


The Galaxy comes with all the amazing features that the Star goes. But it has a longer battery life and brighter display screen. It has been assembled to Omega Quality standards. Benefits of the Galaxy include a more user-friendly touch screen and higher speed Internet capabilities. For customers who prefer a simpler phone, the Star will remain available for purchase.


The Galaxy will be shipped from our factories this week. Then, they will be distributed by TeleCom Wireless to their stores across the country. The phone will be available for purchase in TeleCom stores on May 13.


Task 1. Mark the following statements as true or false. How is the Galaxy phone better than the star phone?

1. The Star model mobile phone is no longer for sale.

2. The Galaxy will work with only one service provider.

3. The Galaxy is available directly from Omega Electronics.


Task 2. Match the words with the definitions.

  1. features
  2. launch
  3. develop
  4. ship from
  5. assemble
  6. benefit
  7. manufacture
a. to send or mail a product from a specific location b. to design or build something new c. to begin selling a new product d. the special things that an item has or can do e. to put pieces of something together f. to create something using machinery g. the good or helpful qualities of something


Task 3. Listen to a conversation between two employees. Tick the items that will be changed in the press release.

∑ price

∑ shipping date

∑ distribution

∑ features

∑ assembly

∑ quality standards


Task 4. Complete the conversation.

Employee 1: Well, 1_______ _______ _______ with the Galaxy press release.

Employee 2: Oh? Whatís wrong?

Employee 1: I guess thereís a change in the 2_________ _________ .

Employee 2: So it wonít be 3 __________ on time?

Employee 1: No, definitely not. Everything has been pushed back two weeks.

Employee 2: Okay, Iíll make the changes to those items right away. Anything else?

Employee 1: Well, we want to keep customers interested, even though thereís a delay. so we want to add some more detail to the 4 ________ __________ section.

Employee 2: Will do. Whatís the cause for the delay, anyway?

Employee 1: the phones were being 5 _________ too quickly. They werenít meeting 6 _________ _________ .


Task 5. You are writing a new press release for a product launch. Talk about:

∑ product description

∑ new dates

∑ extra features



Product problems

When was the last time you returned a product?

What are some ways companies compensate people who return products?


Electronics Nation

Service department


When a customer enters the service department he or she should always be greeted with a smile. Every product sold at Electronics Nation comes with our famous guarantee. We offer a refund or replacement for a full year if the customer is not satisfied for any reason. However, there are a few things you will need from the customer:


First, we need the original receipt or a copy of the warranty. One of these documents is required to process the return.


Next, we need the make and model number of the item they wish to return.


Finally, we need a brief written explanation on the return form.


If the customer would like to replace the item, send him out to the showroom. If he would prefer a refund, send him to the business office with the completed return form.


Task 6. Choose the correct answer:

1. What is not required to return an item:

a. a complete form

b. a record of the itemís purchase

c. an identification number for the type of item

d. a description of the itemís conditions

2. Electronic Nation offers:

a. free repairs on all purchases

b. to replaced unsatisfactory purchases

c. a refund within two years of a purchase

d. returns without a receipt or a copy of the warranty

3. Employees must note the _______ of returns:

a. repair cost

b. time of purchase

c. colour and style

d. make and model number


Task 7. Fill in the blanks with the correct words and phrases:

customer service refunds replacement warranty model number

1. It the product is broken, customers may get a ___________ .

2. Good ____________ keeps customers coming back.

3. The make and ____________ of the stereo is printed on the box.

4. The returns department also gives __________ .

5. Do you have a copy of the _____________ ?


Task 8. Listen and complete a conversation between a customer service representative and a customer:

Representative: Okay. Iíll need to see the 1______ ______ , please.

Customer: Oh. I donít have it anymore. I brought the 2 __________ , though. Here you go.

Representative: Thatíll work, thanks. Do you know 3 ______ ______ the stereo is?

Customer: Itís the Sonic 200.

Representative: Letís seeÖ and the model number is here on the warranty. Now, why are you

4 __________ the stereo?

Customer: I donít really like the sound quality. It just wasnít 5 ________ ________ ________ .

Representative: Okay. Now, we can only 6 _________ __________ if you have the receipt.

Customer: But I can get a 7 __________ , right?


Product Mix Decision

A product line is a group of products that are closely related because they function in a similar manner, are sold to the same customer groups, are marked through the same types of outlets, or fall within given price ranges.


An organization with several product lines has a product mix.
A product mix (or product assortment) is the set of all product lines and items that a particular seller offers for sale. Avonís product mix consists of four major product lines: cosmetics, jewelry, fashions, and household items.


Each product line consists of several sublines. For example, cosmetics break down into lipstick, rouge, powder, and so on. Each line and subline has many individual items. Altogether, Avonís product mix includes 1,300 items.


A companyís product mix has four important dimensions: width, length, depth, and consistency.


The width of P&Gís product mix refers to the number of different product lines the company carries.


The length of P&Gí product mix refers to the total number of items the company carries.


The depth of P&Gí product mix refers to the number of versions offered of each product in the line.


The consistency of the product mix refers to how closely related the various product lines are in end use, production requirements, distribution channels, or in some other ways. P&Gís product lines are consistent insofar as they are consumer products that go through the same distribution channels. The lines are less consistent insofar as they perform different functions for buyers.


These product mix dimensions provide the handles for defining the companyís product strategy. The company can increase its business in four ways. It can add new product lines, thus widening its product mix. In this way, its new lines build on the companyís reputation in its other lines. The company can lengthen its existing product lines to become a more full-line company. Or it can add more product versions of each product and thus deepen its product mix. Finally, the company can pursue more product line consistency ó or less ó depending on whether it wants to have a strong reputation in a single field or in several fields.




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