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The British Council in Ukraine.

The British Council is the United Kingdom’s cultural relations organisation. We strengthen ties between Ukraine and the UK in education and culture, and provide opportunities for individual Ukrainians to learn English and take UK qualifications. We operate as the cultural section of the UK Embassy to Ukraine. Our Arts work focuses on creating links between UK and Ukrainian artists, developing skills for Ukraine’s creative sector, and showcasing contemporary UK art to Ukrainian public. We have collaborative partnerships in theatre, film, music and literature with institutions such as the Odessa Film Festival, the Lviv Literature Festival and the ArtPole music festival. In partnership with the Royal Court Theatre in London we are running a unique programme for young Ukrainian playwrights, helping them develop and gain international recognition. We showcase British creativity, for example through The Selector weekly radio show, enjoyed by 270,000 listeners across Prosto Radio network in four cities.

We work with young active people who want to drive positive social change in Ukraine, and implement social and governance programmes on behalf of other organisations.
Our Social Enterprise Development programme promotes and supports emerging social entrepreneurship – businesses that exist to drive social change – in Lviv, Donetsk regions and Crimea. Active Citizens programme contributes to social change and sustainable development by developing a network of young leaders who become drivers of change in their communities.
The European Union-funded Citizen and the State project aims to improve transparency and good governance in Donetsk and Luhansk regions, and to facilitate citizenship participation in decision making. The British Council’s ambition is to provide quality learning content to every teacher and learner, develop teachers and support the education reform in Ukraine.
Some 4,000 teachers in Ukrainian schools benefit from in-service teacher development training through workshops and courses and the use of on-line collaborative spaces. In partnership with the Ministry of Education we raise standards of English in the state school system, encouraging learning through new IT and on-line. Our Teaching Centre provides high-quality English courses for adults, teenagers and pre-school children, as well as specialised business, legal and financial courses. We provide free, comprehensive on-line resources used by over 200,000 Ukrainians for self-study and as a supplement to structured learning of English. Our work in Education supports development of the education system in Ukraine, creates lasting international links between schools and builds recognition of the role of languages in cultural relations. We work with the public sector, education specialists and employers to encourage the development of the national qualifications framework for Ukraine, providing access to British know-how and expertise. Around 30 schools and 1,500 school directors, students and teachers take part in our Connecting Classrooms programme, with links to 300 schools across Europe and the UK.
We are encouraging policy makers to improve language policies and practices, recognising the value of languages in intercultural understanding and economic competitiveness.

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