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Rewrite each sentence so that the meaning stays the same.

a) They said that John had stolen the money.

They accused ______________________________________________________________

b) Ian said that he hadn’t punched anybody.

Ian denied _________________________________________________________________

c) ‘OK, Andy, you can go now,’ said the detective.

The detective gave Andy _____________________________________________________

d) ‘James Frogget, you will go to prison for ten years,’ said the judge.

The judge sentenced ________________________________________________________

e) ‘I forged the signature,’ said Mary.

Mary admitted _____________________________________________________________

f) Harry stole £ 60,000 and was arrested.

Harry was arrested __________________________________________________________

g) ‘We saw the accused break into the car,’ said the witnesses.

The witnesses stated ________________________________________________________

h) Graham said that he wouldn’t go to the police station.

Graham refused ___________________________________________________________

i) ‘It’s true,’ said Norman, ‘I murdered Alan.’

Norman confessed to _______________________________________________________

j) ‘Can you come with me, please,’ the detective said to Helen.

The detective asked ________________________________________________________

/from First Certificate Language Practice. English grammar and vocabulary. Michael Vince with Paul Emmerson/

Read the text below and decide which answer A, B, C or D best fits each space.

The young man had lived in a slum area of the city all his life and it was just a matter of time before he was in (1)_____ with the law. At school, which he hardly ever attended, not only did he (2)_____ the school property but he was also a bully, frightening and beating up other children. When he was fifteen, he was (3)_____ for breaking into a local shop. At the age of sixteen, he was (4)_____ with assault. He got off with two years' (5)_____ for this and was set free. Within six months, he was back in (6)_____ after he had been arrested for stealing cars. This time, he was (7)_____ to two years in prison. After his release, he again turned to crime. This time it was bank robbery. At his trial he pleaded (8)_____, despite the fact he had been caught red-handed. He was found (9)_____ and the judge sentenced him to ten years (10)_____. Sociologists blame his background, while others say he was just bad.

1. A problems B defence C trouble D court

2. A mug B vandalise C thieve D rob

3. A accused B charged C sentenced D arrested

4. A charged B accused C released D suspected

5. A punishment B bail C probation D fine

6. A court B probation C jail D trial

7. A punished B accused C committed D sentenced

8. A guilty B suspicion C innocent D free

9. A suspicious B guilty C illegal D against

10. A prison B probation C offence D imprisonment


/from First Certificate: Reading. Patrick McGavigan and John Reeves/

Terms of acquittal. These words have been left out of the BBC report below. Say where they go. Each word is used once. Not all the numbered gaps in the report indicate a missing word.


a acquittal c allegations e charges g not guilty

b acquitted d charges f found h trial


Imelda Marcos acquitted
A court in New York has ……………..(1) Mrs Imelda Marcos – the widow of former President Marcos of the Philippines - …………….. (2) of fraud and racketeering. The ………….. (3) related …………….. (4) to ……………… (5) that Mrs Marcos stole more than $200 million from the Philippines treasury and ……………… (6) used some of it to buy four buildings in New York, as well as jewellery and works of art. The Saudi arms dealer and businessman, Mr Adnan Khashoggi, was ……………… (7) on ………………… (8) of helping her by obstructing justice. In Manila, President Aquino expressed disappointment ……………… (9) at the ………………. (10) of Mrs Marcos, and said the ban on her return to the country would remain in effect. However, she added that …………… (11) at the appropriate time, Mrs Marcos would have to stand …………….. (12) in a Philippines court.

/adapted from Key Words in the Media. Bill Mascull/

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