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Rewrite the following sentences in Reported Speech.

1. "Can you make dinner tonight, Tom?" she said. "I'm working late." ...She asked Tom to make dinner that night, explaining that she was working late. ...

2. "Don't play near the road," their mother said. "It's too dangerous." ..

3. "Can you take the dog for a walk?" he said to her. "I'm busy." .

4. "Don't ask Simon how to use the computer," she said to me. "He doesn't know a thing about them." ..................................

5. "Can I borrow your pen, please?" he said to her. "I need to write something." .

6. "Please don't talk!" said the teacher. "This is a test." .

7. "Why don't you turn off the TV?" she said to him. "You aren't watching it." ..

8. "Come to our house tonight, Mary," he said. "Jim wants to see you." .

9. "Have you read your newspaper?" he asked her." "I want to look at it." .

10. "The baby should be asleep," she said. "It's ten o'clock." ..

11. "Why are you listening to this music?" he asked her. "It's awful." ...........

12. "Do you want to go to the cinema?" he asked her. "There's a good film on." ..

13. "I don't want any more cake," she said. "I've had enough." ..

14. "I'm learning French," she said. "I'm going to Paris on holiday." .

15. "I like Susan," he said. "She's very friendly."

16. "Tom is a good businessman," she said. "He works hard." ...

17. "I like learning English," she said. "It isn't too difficult." .

18. "I'm teaching Jane's class," she said. "She's on holiday this week." .

19. "You should open up your own restaurant," he said to Bill. "You are a very good cook."

20. "Sarah would like to own the house," he said. "She's lived here a long time." .

21. "You could become famous, June," he said. "You're a very good singer." ...

22. "Are you going to take the job?" he asked Jane "or will you wait for a better one?" .

23. "I need to buy some more oil," she said. "There is no more left."

24. "Can you phone Julie?" she asked me. "I heard she has had a fight with Mark." ..

25. "Do you know when May will be back?" she asked. "She's been away all week."

26. "Do you think we should try this new restaurant tonight?" he asked his wife. "I heard it's very good." ...

27. "If anyone phones," she said to me, "tell them I won't be here until tomorrow." ..

28. "If I can't come to the wedding," said John to Mary, "I'll let you know tomorrow." .

29. "Shall I tell Tom about the trip?" he said to her, "or do you want to tell him yourself?" ...

30. "Sofia shouldn't have said that to the boss," said Julian. "He's very angry."

31. "I'd love to go to Venice," she said. "I've never been abroad. .

32. "I must go now," said Samantha, "or I might miss the bus." .

/ from Round-up 6. Virginia Evans/

18. Correct any mistakes in the learners' sentences below.

Examples: She said us that she felt tired.

asked me if I was

My boss said was I going to work late.


1 She said last night that she isn't going to come to the party, but look, she's over there.

2 They said me they had been waiting for a long time.

3 He told that he had had a wonderful holiday.

4 I asked him what did he do.

5 Miguel was telling that you're thinking of changing your job.

6 I missed the lecture, so I asked Sheena what had they done.

7 I asked him was he free on Friday night but he said he was busy unfortunately.

8 He asked me when did the film start.

/from Developing Grammar in Context. Mark Nettle, Diana Hopkins/

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