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Grammar Spot Reported statements and questions

Direct Speech is the exact words someone said. We use inverted commas in Direct Speech. “I won’t be back before 7.00,” he said. Reported Speech is the exact meaning of what someone said but not the exact words. We do not use inverted commas in Reported Speech. He saidhe wouldn’t be back before 7.00.

Say – Tell – Ask

· Say is used in Direct Speech. It is also used in Reported Speech when say is not followed by the person the words were spoken to. (Direct Speech) “I can fix it,”hesaid.(Reported Speech)Hesaidhe could fix it. · Tell is used in Reported Speech when it is followed by the person the words were spoken to. (Direct Speech) “I can do it,” he saidto me.(Reported Speech)Hetold mehe could do it. · Ask is used in reported questions and commands. Ask is also used in direct questions. He said to me, “Please, don’t go!”Heaskedme not to go. Heasked,“Are you OK?”Heaskedme if I was OK. · We can use say + to-infinitive but never “say about”. We use tell sb, speak/talk about, instead. The boss said to work harder. He spoke/talked about his trips. He told us about his trips. Expressions with say say good morning/evening etc, say something, say one’s prayers, say a few words, say so, say no more, say for certain etc Expressions with tell tell the truth, tell a lie, tell (sb) the time, tell sb one’s name, tell a story, tell a secret, tell sb the way, tell one from another, tell sb’s fortune, tell sb so, tell the difference etc Expressions with ask ask a favour, ask the time, ask a question, ask the price etc


1. Fill in: say, tell or ask in the correct form.

First the headmaster 1) said good morning. Then he 2)__________us that the police had been

3)________ questions about hooliganism at school. The police 4)_________ that some pupils had been breaking windows. Several boys were 5)________ if they knew anything, but of course they 6)_________nothing. They were probably 7)_________ lies. The headmaster 8)________ us all for information. He 9)_________we must 10)__________ him the names of those involved. Well, I know who they were. But I can’t 11) _________ him the secret. 12)________ the truth is not always easy, is it?


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