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Read the newspaper article.


'A marriage made in hell!'     This is how Judge Margaret Pickles described the marriage of Patrick and Pauline Peters as she ordered them to spend fourteen days in prison for rowing. THE COUPLE only married six months ago and already they are famous for their rows. Neighbours complained that they could hear them shouting from the bus stop six hundred yards away. Mrs Iris Fish, who lives opposite, said, 'First I asked them nicely to stop because my baby couldn't get to sleep, but they didn't. Then my husband knocked at their door   and told them to stop, but still they didn't. They threw a chair at him out of the window. It just missed him! So that was it! We rang the police and asked them to come immediately.' Mr and Mrs Peters admitted they had been arguing. Mrs Peters said that she had accused Mr Peters of wasting their money on drink and gambling. However, they denied throwing the chair. The judge clearly did not believe them. She reminded them that they had already had two previous warnings from the police and she told them that they would soon cool down in prison, especially as they would be in separate prisons. She advised them to talk to a marriage guidance counsellor. Mr and Mrs Fish and their baby are looking forward to some sleep! ■

2. Who is speaking? Find the lines in the text that report the following.

a 'You must go to prison for a fortnight.'

b 'It's terrible. We can hear them shouting from the bus stop.'

c 'Please, will you stop making that noise? My baby can't get to sleep.'

d 'Stop making that noise!'

e 'Please, can you come immediately?'

f 'OK. OK. It's true. We were arguing.'

g 'You've been wasting our money on drink and gambling again!'

h 'We didn't throw the chair.'

i 'Remember that you have already had two warnings from the police.'

j 'You'll soon cool down in prison.'

k 'I think you should see a marriage guidance counsellor.'

Compare the direct and reported speech.

Grammar questions

- Four of the sentences a-k are commands or requests. Which are they? How are they reported in the text? Which verbs are used to report them?

- Underline the two sentences with told in the article. Which is a reported statement and which is a reported command?

- Which of the sentences below is a reported question? Which is a reported request?

I asked them to stop making a noise.

She asked me if I knew the time.

- Say and tell are both used to report statements. How many other reporting verbs can you find in the article?


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