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Work in small groups. Report back the answers you got from your classmates. Then choose the most interesting answer in your group and share it with the class.

Apart from using the verb patterns from Exercise 4 on the previous page, try to use the following:

demand to do smth claim + that-clause insist on sb doing smth suggest doing smth


Find someone who Ö
has a suggestion about how to reduce the level of crime in society. has an opinion about the causes of crime and can explain what makes someone break the law.     knows the name and story of a famous criminal in history.
has read a crime novel or seen a crime movie and can tell you the story.     can offer an explanation of the high level of violent crime in the United States. can describe a really well-publicized crime Ė something that dominated the newspapers and TV and captured the publicís interest.  
can comment on one of the following types of crime:
  • youth crime
  • crimes committed by women
  • Internet crime
can describe an activity that is considered illegal but that the person believes should be legalized. has been the victim of a crime and is prepared to tell the story of what happened.

/Adapted from Academic listening encounters: life in society. Studentís Book. Kim Sanabria/

Speaking 2 Interpreting graphs

A lot of information that you find on a topic is presented in graphic form, so it is important to practice reading and analyzing graphs and charts. Basing a report on the information provided by a graph is partly a matter of interpretation, but also requires correct use of the technical terms.

& The language of statistics

Two quotations:

'There are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies, and statistics.' (Mark Twain)

'He uses statistics as a drunken man uses lamp-posts - for support rather than illumination.' (Andrew Lang)

Describing trends

Notice the language patterns that can be used.

    numbers have   risen gone up increased   fallen dropped gone down decreased declined   sharply     slightly  
  there has been a / there was a tremendous huge significant considerable increase decrease rise   in


(has) increased (has) decreased has gone up (or down) / went up (or down) greatly significantly steeply a little by a small amount / large amount steadily consistently noticeably
(has) almost (has) more than halved doubled tripled  

/Adapted from New Headway English Course. Upper-Intermediate Studentís Book. Liz and John Soars/

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