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Work in groups of four. There was an armed raid on a security van outside Barclays Bank, Newtown, today. A reporter is interviewing three witnesses.

Student A Mr. Clarke, a reporter

Interview the three witnesses (PC Chris Green; Liz Leigh, a secretary; and Kevin Billings, a hospital porter). From their accounts prepare a report of the crime, giving the facts and quoting the witnesses where relevant.

Before the interview, you made the notes below to help you.

∑ when/happen

∑ where/you

∑ what/you do

∑ how many robbers

∑ what/they/look like

∑ what/they/do

∑ any other details

Student B PC Chris Green

You took part in chasing the robbers. Tell the reporter what you saw/heard/felt, answer his questions, giving the following details:

  • about 11.17 am/hear on our car radio/ security van/ hijack/as it/unload at Barclays Bank in Albion Road
  • immediately rush to the scene/ just in time to see/the security guards/lock into their own van by two men in grey balaclavas
  • they/leap into a white Ford Escort/ drop at least two bags
  • there/be/a third man behind the wheel/ they/drive off at great speed
  • we/ give chase/ but the guy in the back/start/ shoot at us
  • we/ unarmed/canít/return the shots
  • one shot/ narrowly miss PC Dixon, the radio operator/ as they/ turn a corner/another shot /hit me in the right leg
  • I only just managed/ stop the car/ pull over to the kerb
  • I/not remember anything after that ó I/black out

Student C Liz Leigh, a secretary

You witnessed the robbery. Tell the reporter what you saw/heard/felt, answer his questions, giving the following details:

  • I/come out of the bank/ put my money into my purse/ when I/hear this crash
  • it /just after 11.00/because I/slip out of the office in my coffee break
  • I/look up/see this white car/crash into the front of the security van
  • three men/get out
  • two of them/wear balaclavas/ but they/young
  • one/wear jeans/ the other/wear/a black leather jacket/ trainers
  • I/not get a good look at the third one/I/back into the doorway of the bank
  • they/yell, 'Get out! get out!' at the driver of the van/he obviously/not move fast enough/ they/open the door/drag him out/hold a gun at his head/while he/open the back of the van
  • they/go wild/shove him and his partner in the back/while they/grab at the bags of money
  • there/ bags of money all over the street
  • they/hear the police siren/start/scream at each other, 'Get a move on!'/drop even more money about the place
  • I/ terrified/ they/notice me/ point the gun at me
  • when the police/arrive/they/drive off
  • I think I/hear some shots from down the street
  • I/ stunned/I/get the number of the car
  • it/B180 VHS

Student D Kevin Billings, a hospital porter

You saw the robbers. Tell the reporter what you saw/heard/felt, answer his questions, giving the following details:

  • I/not know/what/happen
  • I/think/they/ make a film at first
  • I/come round the corner/ this fellow/barge into me/ knock me over
  • he/carry a shotgun/he/fire it into the air/at the same time shout, 'Keep down or I'll shoot you!'
  • he/in his forties/graying/he/have a Scottish accent
  • that's when I/realize/it/not a film
  • I/really think/I/die
  • He/keep his foot on top of me/while his mates/rush past into a car
  • I/have my head down on the pavement
  • I/can't see anything/I/keep/expect a final shot in the head
  • I/hear sirens/ doors/bang/ tyres/screech/ they were gone
  • I/hear shots/fire then, but down the road. Two, I think.
  • I/feel really lucky/be alive.'

/Adapted from Headway English Course. Advanced Workbook. John and Liz Soars/

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