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Bringing in, Taking out and Transfer of Foreign Exchange by Individual Citizens

The Instruction for the Procedure for Bringing in, Taking out and Transferring Foreign Exchange, Belarusian Roubles, Foreign Currency Payment Documents, and Certified Securities Denominated in Foreign Currencies and Belarusian Roubles by Individuals adopted by the Edicts of the National Bank and the State Customs Committee N73/38 dated 30 April 2004 is the key document in this field.

There exist no restrictions for bringing foreign exchange, foreign currency payment documents, and certified securities denominated in foreign currencies in Belarus by individuals. However, if an individual has more than 10,000 dollars, he must enter these funds into a customs declaration.

There are no limitations for taking foreign exchange out of Belarus. If the sum exceeds 10,000 dollars, an individual should present a document confirming its provenance (a certificate stating that these funds were bought from a bank in Belarus).

Foreign exchange brought into Belarus can be taken out of the country if it was properly declared.

Sums in excess of 3,000 dollars should be declared in writing while crossing the border.

No limitations are imposed on individual citizens in terms of certified securities denominated in foreign currency or payment documents both in foreign currency and Belarusian roubles. Neither should be declared. Foreign exchange legislation does not regulate plastic cards at all.

The amount of Belarusian roubles is limited to 500 base values. Mandatory declaration is not required.

All these rules do not apply to companies based in Belarus and Russia. Under the Customs Union of Belarus and Russia, there are no restrictions on brining in and taking out Belarusian roubles and foreign exchange.

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