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II. Choose the correct form of the verbs.


I. Before listening to the extract, be ready to explain the following words in English.

A buzzword; news bulletins, economic integration; increased volumes; nebulous; instant communications; manifestations; on sale; global financial institutions; the liberalization of trade; tariff barriers; cheap labour; multi-lateralism; enormous ramifications.


II. While-listening. Listen to the extract on the topic of globalization and answer the following questions.

1) What is globalization?

2) What aspects of globalization are mentioned by Mark Gregory?

3) What are the reasons behind globalization?

4) What language issues of globalisation are mentioned in the extract?

5) How are the tastes in food changing in America?


III. While-listening. Listen to the extract for the second time and fill in the table below. Give examples.

Positive sides of globalisation   Negative sides of globalisation  


IV. Be ready to speak about globalization and its effects on the world community.


I. Most of the sentences have one verb in the wrong tense. Correct them or write right. Translate the sentences into Russian.

1. I was pleased to see my old college friends at the conference last week as we didnít see each other since we finished our course. _____________________

2. We had to wait for hours at the airport because the bad weather had delayed all the flights. ________________

3. Many modern medicines were not invented by western scientists but by tribal people who had been using them for generations before the Europeans arrived. _____________________

4. We missed our train, so by the time we reached the theatre, the play ended and the audience was leaving the theatre. __________________

5. At the end of their meal they found they couldnít pay the bill because they didnít bring any money with them. __________________

6. The children were thrilled when they unwrapped the electronic toys, but when they discovered that nobody bought a battery they were very disappointed. ____________________

7. When I came out of the cinema I had found that a thief took my car radio. ___________________

8. At first the authorities thought the athlete had been taking drugs, but they soon realized they mixed up the results of the tests. _____________________

9. When the film star came into the restaurant I didnít recognize her because I didnít see any of her films. __________________

10. When we reached the city centre we couldnít find a parking space, so we had decided to go by bus the nest time. __________________

II. Choose the correct form of the verbs.

Conference Report

The conference was very successful. The seminars and talks (1) were / had been extremely interesting and it was obvious that all the speakers (2) had prepared / prepared their material very thoroughly. Everyone agreed that this should become an annual event.

There were however a number of administrative problems. When we (3) arrived / had arrived, we (4) discovered / had discovered that the hotel manager (5) reserved / had reserved the wrong room for us and therefore we (6) did not have / had not had enough space. Unfortunately, he could not let us have the larger room because he (7) gave / had given it to another group, even bigger than ours.

He (8) also misunderstood / had also misunderstood the letter explaining what food we (9) required / had required. In fact, we (10) suspected / had suspected that he (11) lost / had lost the letter. We do not recommend using this hotel again.



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