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Weather and Lighting – Quick Reference Guides

These guides list the bonuses and penalties associated with each type of non-magical weather and every type of lighting, magical, technological, natural or otherwise, for Accuracy, Perception, and Sneak rolls. For a list of cover and its various types, complete with accuracy penalty suffered by shooter and DT it provides, see Chapter 7. These values represent a combination of visual and auditory perception effects.

Weather Accuracy/Perception Modifier Sneak Modifier Light (Assumed) Visibility Range, ft.
Sunny +1 MFD -2 MFD Bright 15x PER
Partly Cloudly None -1 MFD Well Lit 10x PER
Overcast (Standard) None None Overcast 10x PER (Normal)
Drizzle -5 Roll Penalty +1 MFD Filtered/ Dim 10x PER
Stormy (Rain) -1 MFD +1 MFD Dim 5x PER
Typhoon/Hurricane -3 MFD +2MFD Dark 5x PER
Hailstorm -2 MFD +1 MFD Dim 5x PER
Stormy (Snow) -1 MFD +1 MFD Dim 5x PER
Blizzard -3 MFD +2 MFD Dim 2x PER
High Wind -1 MFD (Acc. only) None Overcast 10x PER
Mist -5 Roll Penalty +1 MFD Overcast 5x PER
Fog/Clouds/Smoke -1 MFD None Overcast 5x PER
Magical Fog/Clouds -2 MFD +1 MFD Overcast 3x PER
Eclipse -1 MFD +2 MFD Dark 3x PER
Dust Storm -2 MFD +1 MFD Dim 3x PER
Sandstorm -3 MFD +3 MFD Dark PER
Light Level Example Location(s) Accuracy/Perception Modifier Sneak Modifier Visibility Range, ft.
Bright or Daylight Direct Sunlight above the Cloud layer, Floodlights +1 MFD -2 MFD 15x PER
Well Lit Pipbuck Lighting, buildings with powered lighting systems None -1 MFD 10x PER
Overcast Wasteland outdoors. None None 10x PER  
Dim Ruined buildings with windows, lantern or campfire light, night around Fillydelphia -5 Roll Penalty +1 MFD 5x PER
Dark Caves, Office basements without windows, wasteland night -1 MFD +2 MFD 2x PER


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