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Weight: See Individual Listings

Diet: Herbivorous (Well, probably, anyway)

This subsection is for all of the pony genealogists out there. Characters of this race had parents of differing races-- the possible combinations are listed in a table below-- and are among the rare cases where the genes didn’t mix in the standard way, producing a hybrid with mixed diminished abilities or characteristics of both. Note that this is not the same thing as when two ponies of a differing sub-species have children that aren’t the same sub-species as the parents, like when an earth pony and a unicorn have a pegasi foal. This “race” applies to the rare few that are crosses between two subspecies or between differing species altogether, such as the pony-zebra hybrid, or “Zony.”

Note that on the combination table does not include all races. Hellhounds, Minotaur, Buffalo and Sand Dogs cannot have offspring with ponies, magic-be-damned; they’re all too vastly genetically different. The two subgroups of Diamond dog variants also have little to no interaction, so offspring that are a combination of those two are extremely unlikely. If members of the two races did become intimately involved, they would probably have offspring that demonstrated abilities somewhere between those listed for either parent race (and man would that ever be an awkward family reunion).

Griffins are not listed simply because the physiology of their reproductive processes is too different from that of other races to produce offspring except via extreme magical means. In other words, the fact that griffins lay eggs makes breeding with ponies neigh-impossible.

Bat ponies are not listed because of their extreme isolationist tendencies – while it is certainly plausible that bat ponies and other equine races may interbreed, no one has ever seen it happen (at least not yet), and the odds of a hybridization with any of the other races occurring if such an instance were to occur, is, like it is between all of the other pony-sub-species, very small. Treat the results of any such interbreeding as either pegasi-crossbreeds, unknown crossbreeds, or as a ‘--’ (explained above the table).

GMs may rule that different traits than those listed were dominant if they wish to have crossbreeds with a unique mixing of natural abilities.

The actual effects that this hindrance bestows upon a character vary by their origins; while all half-breeds are infertile, and all of them receive the effects of the “Unstable Genetics” hindrance(though none of them get points back for it), there is no societal stigma associated with a half-breed between the pony races. Rather, such creatures are looked upon with pity, or in extreme cases ‘fixed’ with magic or medicine to appear as normal ponies. Half-breeds are eligible for all of the same traits as their parent races except for those relating to magic and magical abilities, for which eligibility should be determined on a case-by-case basis, and those relating to flight, which require usable wings.

Half-breeds without either magic or flight as a racial ability may select one free one-character creation point trait at creation, or reduce the cost of a multi-point trait by one.

Table II: Simplified crossbreeding table for equine races. It does not account for recessive genes within any of the parents, assuming homozygous phenotype. As such, two earth ponies may still have a half-breed cloud walker or adept, etc. depending on their family history. That ruling should probably be made with or by your GM for backstory purposes. Remember that such half-breeds are exceedingly rare! Zonies and Mules are comparably much more common!

The symbol, ‘--’, represents a case where no half-breeds have been known to occur – all offspring are of the same type as either the mother or father.

Race Earth Pony (m) Pegasi (m) Unicorn (m) Zebra (m) Alicorn (m)* Donkey (m)
Earth Pony (f) -- Cloud Walker Adept Zony Unknown Mule
Pegasi (f) Cloud Walker -- Cloud Mage Zony Unknown Mule
Unicorn (f) Adept Half Alicorn -- Zony Shaman Unknown Mule
Zebra (f) Zony Zony Zony Shaman -- Unknown Zonkey
Alicorn (f) Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown * --
Donkey Mule Mule Mule Zonkey Unknown --

*Assuming you can actually find a male Alicorn at your point in the timeline, a heterosexual pairing of alicorns produces a “second generation” alicorn.

Half-breeds with minor abilities of each race tend to have stunted growth and reduced physical ability. The half-breed races are listed below, first in order of commonality from most to least common for those strictly the result of pony crossbreeding, and then alphabetically for crossbreeds with other races, such as zonies.

à Adeptsgenerally appear as earth ponies, sometimes with extremely small, almost non-existent horns that can easily be hidden beneath their mane all but the most tightly fitting helmet (needless to say, their horns cannot be used as effective weapons in combat). They have an extremely high affinity for magical devices and tend towards scientific interests, particularly those combining magic and earth-pony technology such as energy weapons. They cannot cast magic as unicorns can, but many have extremely limited telekinesis, just enough to hold most weapons and grant them fine manipulation (as Telekinesis level 0). They gain one free point to intelligence, and may choose to add one point to any other attribute except luck.

Height: 3’10” + 2d6” – From 4’0” to 4’10”

Weight:250 + (2d6*10) – From 270 to 370 macs

Skill Bonus Ranks:

+3 Small Guns, Energy Weapons, Sneak, Science, or Repair (pick three), -10 Lockpicking* (Minimum 5, * see Racial Skill)

Racial Skill: Magic, Intelligence Based (Adepts can only learn and cast level 0 spells). Adepts with magical abilities do not take lockpicking penalties, but must take Pipsqueak (this will adjust their height and weight values according to the hindrance’s listed effects). They do not receive a creation point for taking it, and cannot remove it by buying it off or via roleplaying.



à Cloud Walkers have mixed earth pony and pegasus characteristics, and frequently have extremely small, underdeveloped or vestigial-seeming wings. They cannot fly, but if hard pressed they may be able to slow their descent when falling. Even those without vestigial wings are capable of walking on clouds. Due to their small stature most cloud walkers are easily mistaken for immature pegasi, which fortunately allows them to ‘fly under the radar’ and avoid most social stigma. They gain one free point to agility, and may choose to add one point to any other attribute, excluding Luck, at character creation.

Height:3’9” + 2d6” – From 3’11” to 4’9”

Weight:130 + (2d10*10) – From 150 to 310 macs


Skill Bonus Ranks:

+5 Speechcraft, +5 Small Guns, +5 Sneak (pick two), -10 Lockpicking (Minimum 5)

Racial Skills: Flight, Agility Based (for use in gliding only; requires wings). Also allows access to Enclave cloud terminals (with or without wings). Cannot perform most flight maneuvers. Cloud walkers with wings must also take Pipsqueak, and do not receive a creation point for doing so (this will adjust their height and weight values according to the hindrance’s listed effects). This hindrance cannot be removed by buying it off or via roleplaying.


à Cloud Mages appear as small-horned unicorns with an innate ability to walk on and otherwise interact with clouds, despite the fact that they lack even vestigial wings. They possess magic that tends to be cloud and weather related, but nearly all lack even the most minor forms of telekinesis; the combination of a cloud mage’s abilities makes most unicorns and pegasi subconsciously uneasy around them or towards them. Rather than being small in stature like many of the half-breed types, the combination of magics flowing through the body of a Cloud Mage tends to hyper-accelerate their metabolism, making them “Skinny as a Rail”, as per the hindrance (this hindrance’s effects are already incorporated into the weight range listed), and causing them to age at nearly twice the rate of a normal pony. The effects of this hindrance cannot be removed. They gain one free point to both the INT and AGI attributes at character creation.

Height:3’10” + 2d6” – From 4’0” to 4’10”

Weight:50 + (2d10*10) – From 70 to 250 macs


Skill Bonus Ranks:

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Special Trait Eligibility | To any 3 skills of your choice, -10 Speechcraft (minimum 5).
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