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The Search, # 1



As in all the Multiversity courses, Dynamic, Kundalini and the Evening Meeting in the Osho Auditorium are part of the process. We do some other active meditations in the room. Besides the communication technique you will be in silence and isolation. Everything including eating, sleeping, showering becomes a meditation, a continuous 72-hour search for “who is in?”.


What is a koan? A koan is not a question that has a logical answer; a koan can be experienced directly.


The communication technique:

Sit opposite a partner.

One partner talks, one listens for 5 minutes, then the roles change.

Keep eye contact with your partner throughout the session.


The listening partner: Ask your partner the koan, “Tell me, who is in?”

(only once and do not change the wording) … and for the rest of the 5 minutes you give your total attention to your partner, listening to understand him/her, without any judgment, agreement or disagreement. Listen like an empty mirror, with no response, no relating. Be present. Even if they speak in a language you don’t understand.


When the gong goes, you will be told to “Thank your partner … change over.” Then thank your partner … and your partner will ask you the koan, “Tell me, who is in?”


The communicating partner: When your partner asks you the koan, “Tell me, who is in?” you

1) take the koan inside

2) with the intention of having a direct experience of “who is in” in this moment

3) be open to whatever arises in your consciousness as a result of doing so

4) communicate, present it, to your partner

Speak up audibly, in English if possible, or in your own language. Stay in eye contact with your partner.


Again at the end of 5 minutes you will hear the gong, with the instruction to “Thank your partner … change over.” Then thank them, let go of whatever you were just in the middle of communicating and ask them the koan.


And again be totally available, listening, receiving their communication, like an empty mirror, very present.


Each time you take the koan inside, be fresh, new, in this moment … don’t go on automatic.


At the completion of each session with this partner you will be told to “Thank your partner … close your eyes … hold the koan.”


A short time is given to first clean up the space you were sitting – then move your body and energy, go to the toilet, have a drink of water, etc.


Find a new partner when instructed, and use a different space each session.


Sometimes there will be no partner but you will do this technique with a mirror, with the wall. Then you can ask yourself the koan and communicate, out loud, and continuously to the mirror or the wall.


If you need anything, or any help, raise your hand. Do not get up – someone will come to you.


Stay in the structure – it will carry you – and if for whatever reason you feel you cannot continue, come first and connect with the staff. Don’t leave without completing with the facilitator.


The facilitator is available for ‘interviews’ – individual talks. You can ask for it if you feel in need of direction or support – and when you have realized “who is in”. Sometimes you will be invited.

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