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Major publications of the project coordinators

Topic: Breeding beneficial traits in durum wheat


Project idea

Durum wheat (Triticum durum) is a commercially important species that is not only cultivated in the hot and dry mediterranean region, but also in Germany. A range of 184 winter durum lines from Central and East Europe has been grown on 3 contrasting German sites and were agronomically phenotyped. In this project, the seed material will be analyzed for the major limiting micronutrients for human nutrition: Zn and Iron. Furthermore, nitrogen and carbon, together with natural isotope abundances will be quantified on that material. Finally, the young root of the genotypes is phenotyped in a very simplified climate chamber assay, where roots architecture and major root traits are monitored on filter paper. Genotype and environment interactions are quantified and all the traits will be chromosomally associated with available high-density genotyping-by-sequencing data. Major genetic loci will be identified and linked to the traits. These data will allow interpretations on water and nitrogen use efficiency and will help to improve further durum wheat breeding. The student will perform most of the measurements in the lab concerning the determination of Zn, Fe, carbon and nitrogen as well as the root phenotypisation. Under guidance of the project coordinators, the student will finally run the statistical analyses, the association with molecular markers and the publication of the results in scientific journals.


Requirements to the student

Master in Crop Science if possible with specialization on crop physiology or plant nutrition, Experience in statistical analyses, Fluent in English (written and sproken)

Project duration

36 months in Hohenheim; the project can start as soon as the student arrives in Hohenheim

Major publications of the project coordinators

von der Fecht-Bartenbach, J. Bogner M, Krebs, M., Stierhof Y.-D., Schumacher, K., Ludewig, U.Function of the anion transporter AtCLC-d in trans-Golgi network vesicles. Plant J. 2007, 50: 466-474

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Meyer, A.K., C.F.H. Longin, C. Klose, and A. Hermann. 2010. New regulator for energy signaling in plants highlights conservation among species. Science Signaling, 3:jc5


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