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What painting of these beautiful women belongs to Rococo style?

Art. Baroque - Rococo. Quiz 9

1. Put the names of the artists under the following paintings:

1. Union of Earth and Water 2. Cupid and Psyche3. Balthazar’s Feast


A) Jan Vermeer

B) Rubens

C) Van Dyck

D) Rembrandt

4. Money Changers

2. Name the author of these seascapes:





1. Departure of Queen of Sheba. L.,Nat.Gal 2. Departure of St.Ursula. L.,Nat.Gal


3. Arrival of Cleopatra to Tars. Louvre 4. Haven at Sunset. St.-Peters. Hermitage


A) Canaletto B) Thomas Gainsborough C) Claude Lorrain D) Francesco Guardi


3. Identify these beautiful women:



1 2






3 4



A) Rembrandt. Saskia


B) Rubens. Susanna Lunden


C) Van Dyck. Mary Ruswen


D) Frans Hals. Portrait of Woman


4) Match the paintings and their authors:




1. Night Watch 2. Expulsion of Traders from the Temple


3. Milkwoman Family 4. Chancellor Segeur


A) El Greco B) Le Brun C) Rembrandt D) Le Nain



5) Match the artists and their paintings:



1. A boy with a dog 2. In-toed Boy


3. Embroideress 4. Gypsy Girl



A) Frans Hals B) Murillo C) Velazquez D) Ribera


What painting of these beautiful women belongs to Rococo style?





1 2



3 4



A) Rubens. Virsavia (Dresden) B) Rembrandt. Virsavia (Louvre)


C) Fragonard. Reading Girl (Washington) D) Vermeer. Lace-maker (Louvre)



7) Put the names of the artists under their paintings:



1. Triumph of Venus (1740) Stockholm 2. Bathing Women (1756) Louvre



3. Triumph of Bacchus (1629) Prado 4. Embarrassing Proposal (1716) Hermitage



A) Watteau B) Velazquez C) Boucher D) Fragonard



8) Name the artists of these antique scenes:




1. Rape of Daughters of Leucippus 2. Triumph of Neptune


3. Diana bathing 4. Jupiter and Calisto



A) Boucher B) Watteau C) Rubens D) Poussin


9) Name the authors of these biblical scenes:



1. Holy Family (Toledo) 2. Assumption (Hermitage)



3. Flight into Egypt (Munchen) 4. Worship of Golden Calf (L. Nat.Gal.)



A) Murillo B) Van Dyck C) Poussin D) El Greco



10) Put the names of the artists under these world-famous masterpieces:


1. Toilet of Venus (Vaduz) 2. Broken jug (Louvre)


3. Toilet of Venus (N.Y. Metropolitan) 4. Venus Rokeby (L.Nat.Gal.)



A) Greuze B) Velazquez C) Rubens D) Boucher

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