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Module 1 Across Britain

A. Match the facts about the UK with the places on the map.

  a. The Royal Family residence is located here



  e. A world renowned writer William Shakespeare was born in this town  
b. The Legendary band Beatles started their career in this city



  f. Prime Meridian (0 degree meridian) passes through this place
c. This prehistoric monument is one of the most famous sights in the world


  g. It is the capital of the part of Great Britain where bagpipes are played  
d. It is the UKs2nd largest city in terms of population h. Thanks to this it takes just 35 minutes to get from England to France


A. Study the vocabulary from Exercises B, E.

island a piece of land completely surrounded by water
isle a word for an island, used in poetry or in names of islands: the British Isles
peninsula a piece of land almost completely surrounded by water but joined to a large mass of land
mainland the main area of land that forms a country, as compared to islands near it that are also part of that country
coast the area where the land meets the sea
off the coast in the sea near the land
latitude the distance north or south of the equator measured in degrees
mild not to cold or wet, and sometimes pleasantly warm
temperate/moderate a type of weather that is never very hot or very cold
extreme n something that goes beyond normal limits, so that it seems very unusual and unacceptable
rainfall the amount of rain that falls on an area in a particular period of time
spell n a period of a particular kind of activity, weather etc, usually a short period: sunny spell
shower a short period of rain or snow
gale a very strong wind

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