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: XXX Bank,

Documentary credit department

We ask you to transfer an irrevocable transferable confirmed L/C No. IC issued in our favour by the ZZZ Bank as follows:

Second beneficiary: Advising bank:

YYY Company, YYY town

YYY Bank, YYY town. SWIFT:


Date and place of expiry: Credit amount:

YpOK 9- , , ...

Presentation of documents:



Oct 10, 1995 / XXX Bank, XXX town

USD 100,320.00

(one/ zero/ zero/ three/ two/ zero/


latest 14 days after shipment within

credit validity

80.0 metric tons (net weight) of

canned pork meat in own juice,

trade mark "YYY", at price

USD 1254.00 per metric ton net GIF


Insurance policy in negot. form against

all rises, for 118 % of the value of

goods, full set of originals.

Additional conditions:

1. No document except invoice and insurance policy as above must show value of goods and/or unit price.

2. We retain our right to refuse to allow to advise amendments to the second beneficiary.

3. Document No.2 should bear a note "on behalf of XXX Company" after sender's name.

All bank charges and commissions outside XXX country for account of the second beneficiary. In case these comm. and charges will not be paid, the credit transfer must not be advised by advising bank.

All other terms and conditions as per original L/C

At the same time we surrender to you five signed invoices in blank and authorize you to complete these in case of necessity.

Further we agree that amendments of this credit may be required/accepted by us only, if you as confirming bank also agree to such amendments.

For transfer and confirmation charges please debit our account

No. 2222222.

Yours faithfully, XXX Company

Exercise 18. Prepare different letters with mistakes for other students to correct them. There shouldnt be grammatical or spelling mistakes!

Exercise 19.Complete these sentences using phrases -for referring and giving good or bad news.

a) ............. your order for some cupboards, ....... we have had to increase the price.

b) ............. your application for a post as secretary, ........ ... that we would like you to start work as soon as possible.

c) ............. your application for a post as secretary ........... you were not successful.

d) ............. our telephone conversation this morning ......... .. that your car is now ready for you to collect.

Exercise 20.Match the two parts

1. a statement of account 2. an invoice 3. to remit 4. the amount due 5. a bankers transfer 6. an amended statement 7. a credit note 8. to amount to 9. the invoice covers a shipment 10.a discrepancy   A. to transfer money from one account to another B. a difference that is not accounted for C. an official document sent to the client if he was overcharged D. an official document listing the items sold, the price per unit, the VAT and the total amount E. to total F. a document listing a customers invoices over a period of time G. a statement that has been corrected H. the invoice is about a load I. the sum of money that has not been paid yet J. a remittance


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