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Спряжение глагола to be

Настоящее простое время (Present Indefinite)

I am You are

He/ She/ It is=He/ She/ it's

We/ You/ They are

Прошедшее простое время (Past Indefinite)

I was

You were

He/She/It was

We/ You/ They were

Будущее простое время (Future Indefinite)

I shall be = I'll be

You will be = you'll be

He/ She/ It will be = He/ She/ It'll be

Настоящее совершенное время (Present Perfect)

We have been

You have been

They have been

3. Underline the verb to be and translate the following sentences into Russian:

They are still at the restaurant.

She is not with me now.

Is she busy?

He is on holiday in the mountains.

My elder daughter is also in the mountains.

She is fond of skiing.

There are five of us.

This is my family.

I was in Moscow last year.

Nick and Pete are Russian businessmen.

One day they were at the Sheremetievo airport.

Have you been to London?

Have you been to England?

Now the businessmen are at the restaurant.

4. Make sentences and translate them into Russian:

• They are enjoying their meal their small talk their meal


• It this your first visit to Moscow    
    New York    
    New Zealand    
• I was in Moscow last year
• I like Moscow    
    your city    
    Russian winter    
    English summer    
• I have got a sister    
    a brother    
    a wife    
    a family    


• It's a pity he is not with me now
  they are  


5. Complete the dialogue and act out a similar one:

P.: David, is this your first...?

D.: Oh no,... last year. I like... It's a pity my sister... She wanted... so much.

Write down everything that Pete said about his sister.

7. Complete the dialogues and act out similar ones:

D.: Have you got a sister...?

N.: Oh, yes. I have... He is on... mountains.

D.: Oh, really? My elder daughter is also... Chechia now. She... skiing and goes...

D.: • Have you got...?

P.: I wouldn't... There are... Two daughters...

D.: Quite... family!

8. Answer the following questions using the prompts:

• Have you got a sister or a brother?

(Yes, t have...)

• Have you got a big family?

(1 wouldn 't say so. There are...)

ü prompts — подсказки

Unit six

Making an appointment


The three gentlemen have enjoyed their dinner and they are pre­paring to leave the restaurant:

Pete: Thank you for the nice evening, David.

David: Likewise. I enjoyed everything very much. And I liked the orchestra. I like Russian music immensely.

Pete: Very often they play English songs here. They sound su­ perb.

David: Then I was lucky to listen to Russian songs tonight. They are more than beautiful....

The waiter comes up to Pete and hands the bill over to him.

David: Oh, let me pay the bill, Pete.

Pete: Oh, no. It will be my pleasure... And when can you come to our office tomorrow?

David: Will ten o'clock be convenient to you?

Pete: Fine. Then Nick will pick you up tomorrow at ten to ten in the lounge.

David: OK. See you tomorrow then.

Nick: Good-bye. See you tomorrow. I won't be late I promise.

David: I hope I won't be late either.

Pete: Have a good sleep. See you tomorrow.

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