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The origin of superstitions

What is true?


Superstition Origin True False Maybe
Breaking a mirror We see ourselves in the mirror - it is our reflection. Therefore, if someone breaks a mirror, they damage themselves, and they will have bad luck.      
The number 13 World War I broke out on Friday the 13th. Since then, the number 13 has meant bad luck.      
Black cats At the beginning of the 20th century, 345 people died in a small village in England. They all had black cats. People started to believe that black cats bring bad luck.      
Walking under a ladder In the past, the gallows (where criminals were hanged) were very high, so a ladder was needed to attach the rope. After someone was hanged, anyone walking under the ladder had to see the dead body. Since then, many believe that walking under a ladder means bad luck.      
Finding a horseshoe Horseshoes are made from iron, and look like a new moon. Therefore, people believe that horseshoes bring luck and protection.      
Knocking on wood In Europe, many people believed that a tree was God. If a war broke out, they knocked on the trees. They believed that it made the bad luck go away.      
Scratching your hand Half a century ago, a French millionaire decided to donate a large sum of money to a group of poor people. When they came to take the money, they noticed that the millionaire was scratching his hand. Since then, if someone scratches their hand, it shows that they are about to give money away.      


1. Match column A with column B.


A a) If a black cat crosses your way, b) If you knock on wood, c) If you find a horseshoe lying on the road, d) If you are born on the 13th, B you will prosper in anything you do on this day. you will have bad luck. all your troubles will be over. you will prevent bad luck.



2. Write the superstition that describes each of the following pictures.

If you ... If you . . . . If you . . . .


3. Read the following passages and write the superstitions they describe.


Beds The way we get up in the morning is more important than the way we go to bed. Getting out of the bed on the right side is important for the coming day. People believe that getting out of bed on the left side brings bad luck. Birthday cake The people of ancient Greece had a special superstition about birthday cakes. They believed that blowing out the candles in one breath makes your wish come true. Garter There are many superstitions and beliefs about weddings and brides. The superstition about garters is one of them. Many brides believe that wearing a garter on their wedding day brings good luck.  



4. Write the superstition that describes each of the following pictures.


If you ... If you . . . . If you . . . .


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