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A) Complete each gap with missing phrase from the box below.



People travel ______ or ______. Usually they travel when they are ______. When people have business trips, they _______ (without much of luggage); when they wish to become tourists, they go to a ______ and buy a tour of some country from a travel agent. They may travel by air, by train, by boat, by bus or by car. Young people may travel by bicycle or go ______ (stopping cars and moving along in the car for some distance, then change the car). When tourists arrive at the place of their ______ they stay in hotels or motels (if they arrived in their own car). When in a big historical city tourists buy and study maps and ______ on the city. To have good ______ about the place they visited tourists buy souvenirs. And of course they never forget to take cameras ______ and take pictures!


memoirs; for pleasure; travel light; destination; tour guides; along with them; on business; hitch-hiking; on vacation; travel agency.


B) Say what types of travelling you read about.


4. Read the text Why Be a Tourist ?, then comment on it. Say whether you agree with the opinion which is expressed in the text. What is your point of view on tourism?


Why Be a Tourist ?

( from BBC English )

In many countries of the world when the time for holidays comes, people want to get away from home. I agree it’s nice to have a change, but I do think being a tourist is a silly occupation.

Have you ever asked yourself what you really learn from going abroad just for two or three weeks? Not much, I suspect. You wander around looking at buildings and people in different clothes with eyes wide open. You eat different food and sit in the sun but you don’t really get to know the people. And the local people don’t really like you – you are spoiling their normal way of life.

Well, you don’t agree with me? All right, count up all the advantages for you and the country you visit.

Now, what about the disadvantages? Do you know any places in your country that have been spoilt by too many hotels, too many cars, too many souvenir shops, and too many people with cameras and ice-creams ? Tell about these places. I can think of plenty of places like this in Britain. If you were a Minister for Tourism in your government how would you prevent places from being spoilt?


It’s a Big World! Start travelling now!

Why Do People Travel?

A. Why do you think people travel? Rate the reasons according to their importance and add your own reason.

· they want to change their life

· they hope to make a fortune

· they want to investigate the world

· they want to discover new places, new species of animals or plants to become famous

· they want to develop trade and economic relationships

· they want to meet new people and get to know their lifestyles and their traditions

· they travel because of curiosity

· they travel when they feel down or stressed out

· they have a sense of adventure


B. Explain how you feel about traveling. Say why.

EXAMPLE: I would like to travel… / I don’t like to travel much …



… by wooden ship …on horseback …on camelback


…on modern ocean liners …by speedy cars …by motorway
…on hot air balloons …by air liners …by steamships


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Read this short article. Ten phrases have been removed from the text. | Look at the information in the two charts in ex. 4. Read the following sentences that describe this information.
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