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Tourism and travelling. Vocabulary.


REASONS avoid (the unknown) broaden (your experience/ mind) draw (admiration / attention), v escape (boredom), v gain (experience, knowledge, a better understanding of smth), v get a suntan glimpse (of smth), n; to glimpse at/get a ~ of, v hand smth down from generation to generation have impact on (syn. affect smth, have an effect on) hooked, adj (get ~ on smth) insatiable appetite for travelling travel bug (syn. wanderlust, itchy feet) in search for relaxation in search of smth (syn. looking for smth) lure, lure marvel (at), v pursue (a dream, a goal), v put one's feet up recharge rediscover rejuvenate (rejuvenator) renew retain (syn. keep, save) reveal revitalize seek smth, to seek for smth solitude solo (to travel / go ~); solo climbing travel (for leisure/on business; extensively, widely) syn. get aroud, do (the city), see the world urge, to urge smb to do smth value, valuable, to value craft / crafts / hand(i)crafts artistry ACTIVITIES itinerary travel, travels (on one's travels) trip (take /go on a ~) tour (on ~; leg of a tour) journey (make / take / undertake a ~; on a ~; ~ from / to / across / through) outing (family / school / annual ~; on an ~ (to the mountains) boat trip break getaway expedition vacation (summer / winter) + holiday (all-inclusive / dream / well-deserved / family / week-long / Caribbean; to take / go on / book / enjoy a ~) voyage backpacking (to go ~; a ~ trip) camping trekking hike (a ten-mile ~ through the forest) walking tours wanderings crossing drive ride (to go/take smb for a ~) flight (connecting / long-distance / bumpy/smooth / delayed / return ~;) package tour safari cultural event festival sightseeing (to go ~, to see the sights) excursion snorkelling scuba diving commute, to commute
MOVING advance (to do smth in advance / beforehand) be blown off course be in motion circumnavigate come across commute explore get off the beaten path get stuck (in the mud / in a traffic jam) head (for the village) hike, v, n hit the road, v ride, v, n run (syn. to travel - buses there run every hour / throughout the day) see smb off (to the airport, station) set out on a trip (syn. set off, set sail, start, take off) land, v take smb to (some place) wander (syn. roam)   TYPES OF TOURISM Eco tourism Agro-tourism Voluntourism PEOPLE community local people (locals) host / hostess alien explorer, to explore tourist traveler companion adrenaline junkie culture vulture (history/cultue) buff risk-taker lazy type vagabond missionary nomad, nomadic pilgrim sherpa BY PROFESSION customs officer guide (travel ~) flight attendant/air hostess/female flight attendant conductor porter receptionist steward(ess) ticket officer travel agent  
ACCOMMODATION bed and breakfast boardinghouse couch surfing guesthouse home swap hostel hotel (luxury/five-star/quality/beachfront ~) stay at / in a ~; check in (at)/into check out of a ~; ) pay / clear the bill inn motel reception self-catering flat (cottage, villa) tent (put up a ~) vacant ADJECTIVES picturesque awesome breathtaking (view / beauty) enchanting, enchanting divine enigmatic eye-catching fabulous flourishing, to flourish impressive stunning unmissable magnificent serene (serenity) (syn. calm, peaceful) rewarding (experience) spiritual crowded, overcrowded abandoned, desolate , deserted adventurous adverse, disastrous authentic (syn. genuine, real, actual, true) indigenous (syn. ethnic, folk, native) pseudo (syn. artificial, fake, false) man-made (opp. natural) devoted to diverse overrated underrated spoilt unspoilt giant gigantic (syn. enormous, huge) hazardous (syn. perilous, dangerous) sheltered (life) healing iconic invigorating hectic turbulent (turbulence) immersed (to immerse) inquisitive, inquisitiveness kitschy lavish (syn. extravagant, luxurious) mass (tourism / package tours ) non(-)refundable (ticket) notorious self-destructive surviving (syn. remaining) travel-sick vast virtual visible (opp. invisible)   PLACES destination (arrive at / reach / approach ~) access, accessible (by helicopter) (opp. inaccessible) back-country, outback burial monument desert icon must-see must-visit list nature reserve resorts shrine sight ski pistes surroundings (syn. environment) temple theme park tourist hot spot
GENERAL VOCABULARY attempt, to attempt bear (syn. put up with smth) benefit cause, v, n come across confront (syn. face) developing nations diverse earner of foreign currency emphasis, to place emphasis on, to emphasize enchanting, enchanting endure (hardships, what cannot be cured must be endured) evolve facilitate figure out flexibility, flexible flourishing, to flourish focus on have impact on (syn. affect smth, have an effect on) infinitely inquisitive, inquisitiveness keen (interest) in keen (syn. eager / enthusiastic) to do smth manifest, v (show itself) match (syn. to fit) panacea for (economic ills) quantify (syn. count up) reflect rigid (plans) security spontaneous tackle tend to do smth tense teetotal (teetotaler) undermine value, valuable, to value
MEANS AND WAYS catch (bus / coach / flight; disease/malaria/cold; a glimpse of) cancel (a flight / holiday / trip / reservation) confirm (a flight, reservation, booking) station port bus station airport train (express ~) carriage (sleeping car / sleeper) boarding card departure lounge gate terminal trolley personal belongings luggage (hand ~; left ~ office); NAmE - baggage lost and found connection vehicle coach car caravan vessel bus station by bus / aircraft / etc on foot   PHRASES by the by (syn. by the way) in short on behalf of on the face of it  


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