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Although the band's last album was Let It Be, most of his songs recorded before the release of Abbey Road. First album had the working title Get Back. According to Martin, McCartney proposed the idea to prepare new material and "perform it before a live audience for the first time, making sound recordings and films. In other words, make a live album of new material, something that had never been done "[56]. Most of the songs have the album in the studio-long work on them was shot on film by director Michael Lindsay-Hohhom. Martin said that rehearsals and recording for the project, which lasted most of January 1969, "were not happy ... There were times when relations between The Beatles were at their lowest level" [56]. McCartney and Lennon brought Harrison to the fact that he went for a week with the group. He returned with keyboardist Billy Preston, who participated in the last 10 days of recording and was mentioned on the cover of the single Get Back. Regarding the venue kotsertu guys could not reach an agreement: they rejected the idea of ​​a concert on a boat at sea, in Tunis desert in the Coliseum. Finally, the last performance of the group, accompanied by Preston filmed on the roof of Apple Corps building at Seville Row 3 in London January 30, 1969 [56].

Sound engineer Glyn Johns months worked hard to assemble the album Get Back with different results, but in the meantime the band had other worries. Conflict arose regarding the appointment of a financial adviser, the need for which has become evident without Epstein. Lennon, Harrison and Starr would like to see in this post by Allen Klein and McCartney - brother of Linda Eastman, with whom Paul married March 12, 8 days before the marriage of John and Ono [57]. Consent could not be reached, so they took both, but the conflict continued and financial opportunities were lost. [57]

Much to my surprise Martin, McCartney asked him to Produce new album since Get Back recording was "miserable experience" and he thought, "is this the end up for us all .. They are nasty people - for each other, as well as for other people "[58]. record Abbey Road began in late February. Lennon rejected Martin proposed format of "a continuous flow of music," and insisted that his songs and McCartney songs placed on different sides of the album. [58] They agreed on the proposed komporomisnomu McCartney version, in which one party occupied the songs that belonged to members of the group, and another - a musical relay [58]. July 4, in the midst of working on the album, was released first solo single member of the group: Lennon song Give Peace a Chance, which was listed as executor Plastic Ono Band.

The last members of the group came together in one studio August 20, 1969 to record the song I Want You (She's So Heavy) from albomuAbbey Road. Lennon announced his withdrawal from Guthrie other guys 20 September, but agreed not to make public announcements unless they vladnani various legal aspects of the case.

Abbey Road came six days after Lennon. In two months it sold four million records. The album stayed at the top of the British charts eleven weeks [59]. The second song from the album, the ballad Something went separate single - first Harrison song was recorded on side A [60]. Reviews Abbey Road received mixed, though generally lauded musical relay [61]. Allmusic described it as "a worthy swan song of the band", which is "harmony, belonging to the greatest in rock music" [62]. MacDonald calls the album "disordered and often empty" "if not for the contribution of McCartney as kompnuvalnyka long relay ... Abbey Road would not create the impression of unity and coherence that makes the album look better than it actually is" [63]. Martin calls his favorite album of all albums by the group, Lennon said that the album "competent" but "there is no life," referring to Maxwell's Silver Hammer another example of music for grandmothers, who wrote McCartney [64] [65]. Recording Engineer Emerik noted that the replacement of vacuum tubes to transistors in the equipment gave less sharp sound, and the band has not been satisfied tone, "kinder and more gentle" than in previous albums. [66]

The last song is still unfinished album Get Back I Me Mine Harrison, was recorded January 3, 1970. Lennon then was of Denmark and the record did not participate [67]. To complete the album, which has received a new name - Let It Be, in March Klein gave tape recorded American producer Phil Spector. Famous for its wall of sound, Spector recently produced Lennon's solo single Instant Karma!. Besides material remikshuvannya Get Back Spector edited records that were supposed to go as "live." McCartney has not been satisfied that Spector did with the material, especially with the orchestration song The Long and Winding Road, which were involved in choir and instrumental ensemble of 34 instruments. Paul tried to stop the release Spektorovoyi version, but could not do it [68]. McCartney made a public announcement of withdrawal from the group on April 10, a week before the release of his first solo album, McCartney [69].

Let It Be came out May 8. Single The Long and Winding Road was the last for the band. He did not come out in the UK and in the U.S.. That month saw screens documentary film Let It Be. The following year he otrymv Oscar for best original music. [70] The Sunday Telegraph wrote that "it is very bad movie and compassionate ... about how divided this confident, geometrically perfect, once seemed eternal family of brothers" [71]. Many observers noticed that some of pisenLet It Be heard in the film is better than on the record. [71] Noting that the Let It Be album only The Beatles, who received occasionally negative, even hostile, reviews, Allmusic describes it as "on the whole underrated. Specifically ..., McCartney offers several gems: the lyrics Let It Be ', which vchuvayetsya gospel, some of the best written with McCartney;' Get Back '- one of nayzhorskishyh rock songs, and the melodic' The Long and Winding Road ', ruined by excessive overlapping clumsy hands Spector "[72]. Makkarni sued in court for rescission of the contract of partnership December 31, 1970. [73] Legal debate continued long after the breakup of the band, and rescission of the partnership agreement was only in 1975 [74] [75].

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