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Which writer(s)   - admits to being able to work anywhere?      
- refer(s) to someone who helps with the typing?    
- has used a word processor?  
- can only work when the room is a particular temperature?   A Rose Tremain
- uses a typewriter? BPatrick Gale
- used a typewriter in the past?  
- undertakes domestic duties before settling down to write?     C Jilly Cooper
- experiences initial resistance to starting work?   D Julia Barnes
- enjoy(s) frequent coffee breaks? ESusan Hill
- mentions the need for peace and quiet?  
- refers to a previous working routine? F Sir Fitzroy Maclean
- have more than one workplace?  
- doesn’t stop for lunch?  
- exercises indoors?  
- watch(es) TV to relax?  



E. Now look back at the passage and summarize the information about the writers’

Routines and habits.


1) where they prefer to work;

2) when they start their work

3) how long they normally work a day

4) whether they have breaks and how long they last

5) what their distractions are, if any

6) what tools they use for writing

7) whether they have their works typewritten or whether they do it themselves

8) how they relax after a working day


F. Explain what they mean. Pay attention to the underlined words and word



Rose Tremain:

- It looks out onto a big sloping lawn, and as soon as I go into it in the morning, it just takes me in.

- My study has to be at least 70 degrees or I can't concentrate.

- ….and play around with food, which is a wonderful way of engaging other senses than the ones I use all day.

Patrick Gale:

- One of the joys of being a writer is that you don't have to have a routine, but when I've got a book on the boil I really don't do anything else.

- …digestive biscuits are a must and I do confess to the odd chocolate crisis.

- After lunch, I'll read - mostly novels by dead authors so as not to get too demoralised.

- It's where the word processor lives, although I like to work with pencil and exercise book first, to tease ideas out.

- The evenings are for the box.

Susan Hill:

-There's no doubt it's harder now, having got up at 6.30 and done the school run

- I use jumbo economy pads and write in longhand.

- I'm useless with machines and their noise would drown the words in my head.

Jilly Cooper:

-The room faces south, so my typist Monica and I trek about to whichever surface has no sun and the least mess.

Julian Barnes:

-. When I'm working on a novel, I'll put in a seven-day week.

- Cooking's helpful if I'm stuck. I'm just relieved to feel less guilty.

Sir Fitzroy Maclean

- I wrote Eastern Approaches 45 years ago, and I've had a bookon the go ever since

@ Writing

G. Write a précis based on the texts you have read. Use either of the 3 structural



²Listening comprehension

It is common knowledge that works of classical writers have always remained a

source of inspiration for film-makers. For example, almost all of Shakespeare’s works have been staged and filmed or inspired film directors for their new interpretations.

You will hear a person’s opinion of a film version of a Shakesperian play. Look at the

words below. Can you guess the name of the film?


Romeo, Juliet, Verona, the Montague family, the Capulet family,

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