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Novosibirsk is a scientific and technical centre of world wide importance. Here, there are 43 academic higher and 58 specialized secondary education institutions, including 17 colleges and 20 technical schools.

More than half of all Siberian academic scientists working in the field of fundamental scientific and technological research live in Novosibirsk. About 100 Russian academicians and corresponding members, 600 doctors of science and 3500 candidates of science work in academic research institutes. Developements are under way in all natural-scientific directions:

physics, mechanics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, computer sciences, geology as well as in the fields of economics, agriculture, medicine, linguistics,archaeology, and history.



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What is known about scientific and technical importance of Novosibirsk in the world?

Are there any scientists living in Novosibirsk?

What directions are the developments under way in?



Novosibirsk is the city of students. About 70 thousand students in 28 speciality groups are enrolled for study in seventeen institutions of higher education. The most prestigeous of them is Novosibirsk State University founded on the RAS/SD* base, clearing the way for young people to high science. Novosibirsk State Technical University is the largest in the number of students amounting to over 10 thousand. Novosibirsk State Transport University, founded in 1932, has a student body of 6 thousand.

The Novosibirsk institutions of higher education have the big advantage of close relationship with academic and sectoral science. The scientists of academic institutes teach at many of them.


*Russian Academy of Sciences/Siberian Department


Novosibirsk is the city of students, isnt it?

What are the most prestigeous universities of Novosibirsk?


Fill in the blanks with prepositions (on, over, after, by, behind, of, in etc. ):

Novosibirsk is considered the biggest city ______ the Urals.

Novosibirsk is a major educational centre ______ Siberia.

The fee for one trip by Underground does not depend _____ the length of your route.

The most prestigeous of them is Novosibirsk State University founded _____ the RAS/SD base.

Developements are _____ way _____ all natural-scientific directions.

The building _____ the first run (Studencheskaya-Krasny Prospekt) was completed in 1985.

The length of the motor-road system of the oblast is _____12,000 km.

84 percent of goods are carried _____ electric traction.

The essential railways _____ the Kuzbass and Central Asia and the Transsib meet here.

Administratively Novosibirsk is segmented _____10 administration districts.

Dozens of factories and plants have been built _____ produce heavy machine-tools, powerful generators, TV-sets and radio-parts, farm machinery, various apparatus, etc.

Novosibirsk is the largest industrial, scientific, cultural and administrative centre of Siberia, _____ a population of about 1.7 million.



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