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VIII. Choose the right synonym.


1. The dome is regarded as the three dimensional counterpart of the arch

a) chosen b) considered c) calculated

2. The full development of the potential of the first freestanding dome owed much to Roman concrete

a) borrowed b) showed c) was indebted

3. The Dome of Florence Cathedral exceeded that of the Pantheon one a) resembled b) anticipated c) excelled

4. Between the cables, tensioned coated fabric is used as cladding

a) masonry b) covering c) reinforcement

5. Tensioned steel cables are arranged radially on the surface of the dome

a) settled b) selected c) moulded


IX. Choose the right preposition

1. Greenwich was chosen to be the place where the world should celebrate its step ____ the 21st century

a) at b) for c) into d) on

2. Roman builders constructed a dome ____ the Pantheon

a) in b) onto c) for d) over

3. The forces in the cables, 40 tonnes is each radial line have to be resisted ____ the centre

a) by b) at c) in d) from

4. _____ the edge the forces are resisted by vertical ground anchors

a) above b) on c) in d) at

5. The architect of the Millennium Dome, Richard Rogers is famous ____ such works as the Pompidou Centre

a) in b) of c) for d) about

6. Brunelleschi succeeded ____ compelling the dome without any centering

a) in b) at c) for d) by


X. Explain in English

a counterpart, an enclosure, to be arranged, radially, to be anchored


XI. Give the Russian equivalents

bedded rings

to be completely freestanding

by means of numerous related devices

Tensioned steel cables

to be held in space by hangar


XII. Retell the text


XIII. Discuss the factors, which can cause the roof collapse


XIV. Read the text about dome constructions Describe any structure of this type (mention its location, age, size, the architect, its peculiarity)


They have been called "the kings of all roofs," and they cover some of our most important buildings. Domes are curved structures they have no angles and no corners and they enclose an enormous amount of space without the help of a single column. Despite their thinness, domes are some of the strongestand stiffeststructures in existence today.

Before domes, there were rectangular buildings.

Almost all ancient buildings had roofs supported by forests of columns.The columns prevented the heavy roofs from collapsing, but they left very little open interior space.

Columns and roof: Parthenon

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