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The glycoside linkage at the branching point in amylopectin

A) a 1-6

B) a 1-4

c) b 1-4


The polysaccharide pectin has uronic acid units which are derived from

A) Glucose

B) Galactose

C) Mannose

d) Fructose

The polysaccharide which provides the majority of energy in the human diet is

A) Pectin

B) Cellulose

C) Starch

d) Locust bean gum

Newton found that the viscosity of pure fluids and simple solutions was constant at a constant temperature

A) True

b) False

Einstein found that the when solid particles were added to a fluid the viscosity became greater

A) True

b) False

As the shear rate of a suspension of a soluble polysaccharide increases, its viscosity

A) Decreases

B) Increases

c) Stays constant

31) The largest source of edible oils in the world’s diet is from

A) Pigs

B) Olives

C) Soy beans

d) Whales

A Virgin oil is produced

A) By chemical refining

B) By purely mechanical methods

C) With the use of hexane

Chocolate has a sharp melting point just below body temperature because its triglycerides consist primary of

A) 3 saturated fatty acids

B) 2 saturated and 1 unsaturated fatty acids

C) 1 saturated and 2 unsaturated fatty acids

d) 3 unsaturated fatty acids

Hydrolysis of triglycerides produces

A) Free radicals

B) Trans-fatty acids

C) Peroxides

d) Free fatty acids

Hydrogenation of triglycerides produces

A) More saturated triglycerides

B) Trans-fatty acids

C) Higher melting point triglycerides

d) All of the above

Trans-oleic acid has a higher melting point temperature than cis-oleic acid

A) True

B) False

c) They have the same melting point temperature

Lipid oxidation is a chemical reaction involving

A) Hydrolysis

B) Hydrogenation

C) Free radicals

d) Production of virgin oils

Which fatty acid undergoes oxidation the fastest

A) Saturated

B) Mono-unsaturated

c) Poly-unsaturated

The addition of antioxidants to unsaturated oils will

A) Stop the oxidative process

B) Delay the oxidative process

C) Accelerate the oxidative process

d) Have no effect of the oxidative process

Which form of oxygen is more reactive in the oxidation of oils

A) Singlet

B) Triplet

c) Both are the same in their reactivity

Which can help delay the oxidation of un-saturated plant oils

A) Exposing the oil to light

B) Adding metal ions like Fe and Cu

C) Adding antioxidants


Which tea provides more natural anti-oxidants

A) Green tea

B) Black or red tea


Drinking red wine may help to prevent diseases related to oxidation.

A) True

B) False


Cholesterol is

A) Only found in plants

b) Only found in animals

The principle amino acid which is associated with the umami taste is

A) Lysine

B) Methionine

C) Glutamate

D) Glycine


There are ___ common amino acids in the human body of which ___ are considered essential

A) 50 and 15

B) 500 and 20

C) 20 and 9

d) 20 and 20

When eating a plant diet, the consumption of both cereals and legumes provides complimentary amounts of which 2 essential amino acids

A) Glutamate and asparagine

B) Phenylalanine and tyrosine

C) Serine and valine

d) Lysine and methionine

The majority of the natural amino acids which are in the L configuration and they provide the taste of

A) Sweet

B) Sour

C) Bitter

d) Umami

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