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Great Britain is the constitutional monarchy. The power of the British Queen are limited by theParliament.

Big Ben


Big Ben is the name of a huge clock in one of the tall towers of the Houses of Parliament; the clock tower is 316ft high and 40ft square. The faces of the clock are very large. The minute hand is 14ft long, the hour hand is 9ft, and the figures are 2ft long.

Houses of parliament contain the House of Commons and the House of Lords, the two chambers where parliamentary business is debated.

The Tower

More than 900 years old. English kings lived there many years ago, now itís a museum. It was a fortress, a royal palace and later a prison. The ravens are another famous sign. The legend says that without them the Tower will fall.

The Tower Bridge

Millennium Wheel


The highest wheel in the world

(135 m high).

32 cabins, 25 persons each, it takes 30 minutes to make the full circle. It was built with the "British Airways" financial help by 2000.

Modern London

Nelsonís Column

Trafalgar square

Nelsonís column is named after the greatest admiral Lord Nelson. It is a very tall column and a figure of Nelson on top of it.

National Gallery

The National Gallery has a collection of Italian, German, Dutch and French pictures. It is reach in painting by Italian masters such as Raphael and Veronese. It has pictures of all European schools of art such as works by Rembrandt, Rubens and El Greco. The gallery is open seven days a week and admission is free.

Westminster Abbey

It was founded in the 11th century. Kings and queens are crowned there. Many famous people are buried here, among them Newton, Darwin, Dickens and Kipling.

Buckingham Palace

It is the Queenís official London residence. When the flag is flying on the top she is at home. Londonís most popular spectacle is Changing the Guard.

Queen Elisabeth II



United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland consists of 4 parts: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Great Britain is the constitutional monarchy. The power of the British Queen are limited by theParliament.

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