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TASK 2. Rewrite the sentences using the correct form of participles or gerund. Follow the example.


TASK 1. Fill in the gaps with the necessary form of the verb from the brackets. Add prepositions if necessary.

1. Sheila is very good ____________ (to listen) to the childrenís problems.

2. Students sometimes expect their teachers ___________ (to do) all their work for them!

3. Stella got stuck in a traffic jam on the way to the dentistís and Iím afraid she kept him _________ (to wait) for half an hour.

4. When I was having dinner I watched our cat __________ (to play) with her kittens.

5. After a long time James persuaded his brother ___________ (to take) him for a meal at a local restaurant.

6. I heard David __________ (to sing) in the bath Ė it did sound funny!

7. Their parents encourage them ___________ (to develop) their talents in music and art.

8. The sergeant expected the soldiers __________ (to obey) every command.

9. Unfortunately nowadays people are getting used to ___________ (to watch) violent films on TV.

10. Margaretís employer always avoids __________ (to make) unpleasant decisions.

11. The children in the Kernel family are used to ___________ (to get) and not to ___________(to give).

12. Dentists recommend ____________ (to brush) our teeth after each meal.

13. In my youth I used to __________ (to eat) anything I wanted but now I have __________ (to be) careful.

14. I had my tailor ___________ (to shorten) the sleeves of my new jacket.

15. Many people enjoy ___________ (to watch) television instead of ____________ (to discover) the world of their own.

16. Do you think people ___________(to commit) terrible crimes such as murder should be legally executed?

17. The thief crept into the house without ___________ (to be seen) by anyone.

18. The bad weather prevented them from ___________ (to continue) with the construction of the dam.

19. Their mother never makes them ___________ (to do) anything they donít want to.

20. This method hasnít worked. I suggest you ___________ (to try) another method.

21. Let the cake ___________ (to cool) before ___________ (to put) on the icing.

22. The speaker kept on ___________(to talk) even after most of the audience had left the hall.

23. Many people have objected to ___________ (to pay) the increased taxes on their homes.

24. He would rather _____________ (to work) on a farm than in the office.

25. Itís very cold in here. Would you mind ___________ (to close) the window?

26. Iíd better not ____________ (to go) to the movies. I have too much homework __________ (to do).

27. There is a statistical study ____________ (to indicate) that the number of crimes has increased.

28. Many people ____________ (to have) different views ask why capital punishment should be abolished.

29. He doesnít even bother ___________(to read) letters, let alone ___________ (to answer) them.


TASK 2. Rewrite the sentences using the correct form of participles or gerund. Follow the example.

Example. Because she was tired, Katie went to bed. = Feeling tired, Katie went to bed.

1. He was sitting in the garden and he was drinking his tea.

2. After Janet had made dinner, she called the children.

3. The boy who is standing by the door is my brother.

4. Simon cut his hand while he was chopping some wood.

5. Donna had a shower before she went to bed.

6. Because we were late, we took a taxi.

7. Gary opened the window and breathed the fresh air.

8. She was lying on her bed and she was reading a book.

9. The jewels which were taken by the thieves were very valuable.

10. Amy picked up her pen and started to write the letter.

11. The man who is walking towards us is a relative of mine.

12. After the teacher had explained the exercise, he asked the students to do it.

13. Because she had forgotten to take her purse, she had to borrow some money from a colleague.

14. Since I had no reply to my letter I sent John a telegram.

15. As he had lived in France for 5 years, George knew French quite well.

16. As Patrick did not know about the danger lying ahead, he was perfectly calm.

17. After some people showed us the way to the cottage, we found it very soon.

18. Because the book was written by a popular writer it was a great success.

19. As Simon forgot to wind the alarm clock he overslept.

20. As Derek was pressed for time he did not have breakfast.

21. Because Teresa left her credit cards at home she was not able to pay in the supermarket.

22. As Lily did not find the time of the departure she missed her train to Glasgow.

23. As the puppy was brought by the youngest and most favourite son of the head of the family, he was allowed to live in the house.

TASK 3. Fill in the necessary form of the verbal.

1. Many people endeavor _________ (to learn) another language.

2. Our instructor avoided _________ (to say) yes or no to our questions about the quiz.

3. I hope that you do not resent my _________ (to telephone) at this early hour.

4. Would you care _________(to come) shopping with us?

5. George is considering _________ (to buy) a house.

6. The man who changed my flat tire refused _________ (to accept) any payment for doing so.

7. I keep on _________ (to think) about your idea for a book.

8. Everyone at the party seemed _________ (to enjoy) themselves.

9. Ellen suggested our not _________(to go) out this evening.

10. Most of my friends have quitted _________ (to smoke).

11. We have missed _________ (to see) you lately.

12. Will you promise not _________(to tell) my news until tomorrow?

13. Do you often practice _________ (to speak) Italian?

14. Mr. Keith denied _________ (to be) the anonymous donor of a large gift of money to the library.

15. The manufacturer of this cassette guarantees _________ (to give) your money back if you are not satisfied.

16. Patricia barely escaped _________ (to fall) over a cliff on a hike last week.

17. I happened _________ (to run across) an old friend yesterday.

18. We have chosen not _________(to take) a trip next summer.

19. Philip always postpones _________ (to make) decisions.

20. A student demanded _________ (to speak) to the head librarian about an overdue book fine.

21. Have you finished _________ (to study) for the test tomorrow?

22. Please do not hesitate __________ (to ask) for anything you need.

23. John resisted _________ (to go) out for a walk until he finished his studying.

24. I am sorry that I failed _________ (to answer) your letter promptly.

25. Wayne enjoys ___________ (to invite) to parties by his friends.


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