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Platinum» Interest rates

Terms of deposit 12,5        
1 500 000 - 6 999 999 4,2% 5,0% 6,5% 6,4% 6,3%        
7 000 000 - 14 999 999 4,5% 5,2% 6,8% 6,7% 6,6%        
15 000 000 and more 4,9% 5,5% 7,0% 6,9% 6,8%        
10 000 - 54 999 2,5% 2,9% 3,3% 3,2% 3,1%        
55 000 - 99 999 2,7% 3,1% 3,5% 3,4% 3,3%        
100 000 and more 2,9% 3,3% 3,7% 3,6% 3,5%        
10 000 - 54 999 1,0% 1,0% 1,0% 1,0% 1,0%        
55 000 - 99 999 1,0% 1,0% 1,0% 1,0% 1,0%        
100 000 and more 1,0% 1,0% 1,0% 1,0% 1,0%        


*Source: BTA bank’s official website


Deposit «Premium»could be opened in three currencies, the minimum amount of contribution is 15,000 KZT, 100 USD, or 100 Euro.

The interest rate unchanged for the entire term of the deposit. Additional contributions are accepted in cash and cashless. Opening an account is possible through Internet banking, while the investor is able to track your deposit to replenish it in standalone mode via the Internet. Deposit term is 12 months in tenge, U.S. dollars, and euros. The payment is carried out at the end of the contribution, however, provides for the possibility of partial withdrawal of deposit, subject to maintaining a savings account minimum balance of 15,000 tenge, 100 USD, or 100 Euros.

As additional bonus to this contribution, BTA provides the free payment card and provide the lottery cash prizes to its customers.

«Premium» Interest rates 12 Months
Basic Rate Efficient Rate
From 15 000 KZT 8,0% 8,3%
From 100 000 KZT 8,5% 8,8%
From 750 000 KZT 9,0% 9,4%
From 100 USD 4,7% 4,8%
From 1 000 USD 5,2% 5,3%
From 5 000 USD 5,7% 5,9%
From 100 Euro 2,0% 2,0%
From 1 000 Euro 2,5% 2,5%
From 5 000 Euro 3,0% 3,0%


*Source: BTA bank’s official website


Deposit «Success Formula»could be opened in three currencies with the minimum amount of contribution is 15,000 KZT, 100 USD, or 100 Euro.

Additional contributions are accepted in any time and the deposit term is 3, 6, 12, 18 and 24 months in tenge, U.S. dollars, and euros. The payment is carried out at the end of the contribution, however, provides for the possibility of partial withdrawal of deposit, subject to maintaining a savings account minimum balance of 15,000 tenge, 100 USD, or 100 Euros.

As additional bonus to this contribution, BTA the lottery cash prizes to its customers.

«Success Formula» Interest rates
Terms of Deposit in months            
KZT 4,0% 4,5% 7,0% 6,8% 6,5%            
USD 2,5% 3,0% 3,7% 3,6% 3,5%            
Euro 1,0% 1,0% 1,0% 1,0% 1,0%            

*Source: BTA bank’s official website



Adding to this, BTA Bank has another version of deposit shown above:

«Success Formula - Capital»with increased sum and terms of deposit and higher interest rates, however without any additional benefits like payment cards and lotteries.

The minimum sum of deposit is 1000 USD or Euro or 150,000 KZT and the terms of deposit are 12, 18, 24, 36, 37 and 60 months.


«Success Formula - Capital» Interest rates
Terms of deposit  
KZT 7,3% 7,5% 6,8% 6,7% 6,5% 6,0%  
USD 3,0% 3,7% 3,6% 3,5% 3,4% 3,3%  
Euro 2,0% 2,0% 2,0% 2,0% 2,0% 2,0%  


*Source: BTA bank’s official website


«Children’s Multicurrency Deposit»is taken in 3 currencies; term of the deposit is fixed and equal to 5 years or 60 months. The maximum term of the deposit is governed by the condition the child reaches 18 years of age.
Special conditions: the contribution made in the name of a minor contributor to 16 years. Depositor money in the name of the depositor may be any person, irrespective of the presence / absence of relationship to the depositor on the provision of necessary documents. Minimum deposit amount: 10,000 tenge, 100 USD, or 100 Euro. The basic interest rate is fixed during the whole period of deposit.
The contribution is made by depositor in the name of the depositor who has not attained the age of 14, managed by the legal representatives of the depositor (the parents, adoptive parents, guardians), and on reaching the age of 14 - itself a contributor.
Payment of the contribution of the minor contributor who is under 16 years of age, upon presentation of the last of the birth certificate of a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan, only in the presence of his legal representatives (parents, adoptive parents).
Contributions and interest on it can be issued only on the depositor a written denial of the depositor or his legal representatives, if the contributor has not reached the age of 14, when they must be present at the bank.


«Children’s Multicurrency Deposit» Interest rates
Terms of deposit in months
KZT 7,0%
USD 3,7%
Euro 2,0%


*Sourse: BTA bank’s official website


The «Pension» deposit could be opened in KZT, USD and EUR for a period of 3, 6, 12, 18 and 24 months.

The peculiarity of the contribution lies in the fact that investors may make individuals over the age of 50 years, or a person under the age of 50 years, presenting the pension certificate. Interest rate on the deposit remains the same during the term of the deposit. Payment of earned interest is based on a monthly basis, every 30 days from the date of the contract of bank deposit. Ability to replenish the deposit shall be allowed provided the minimum amount of additional fee is 3000 tenge, 25 USD or 25 Euros, but the possibility of a partial withdrawal of contributions is also available within the minimum amount of deposit.
The minimum deposit amount is 3000 tenge, 25 USD or 25 Euro.

As additional options BTA Bank provides the free Payment card and possibility to win some amount of money in Lotteries.

«Pension» Interest rates in months
KZT 4,5% 5,5% 7,0% 6,7% 6,5%            
USD 3,5% 3,5% 3,7% 3,6% 3,5%            
ÂEuro 1,0% 1,0% 1,0% 1,0% 1,0%            


*Source: BTA bank’s official website



In addition to a variety of types of deposits, the BTA Bank has flexible pricing policy that focuses on the inflow of deposits with long-term storage, as well as carries out conversion of deposits.
Conducted by the marketing department of the bank customer segmentation on retail products, sales channels and pricing principles for each segment. The Bank is increasing its presence in the market by creating a highly profitable customer VIP-centers and personal banking.
For all types of deposits at the bank holds prize drawings among the depositors of the bank, including cash prizes, household appliances and the main prize of a car. Circulations are held at the bank branches all over Kazakhstan. Just 14 years there is a culture of bonuses and extra compensation for their investors.

• Improvement of public services in this area BTA just constantly a number of activities to introduce new technologies, improve the quality of the staff, and conducts a variety of programs. So in BTA at the moment there are 22 centers of personal service, keeping the entire client, conducting a personal financial advisory service, provision of various services account manager, which is an authorized representative of the client and also, the bank shall receive Internet contributions, as is correspondence on complaints and statements of the bank's clients, all of the questions are given exhaustive answers, and the same shall be consulted by telephone.

Improving the system of deposit insurance, since 2002 there is a new tariff scale of compensation for guaranteed deposits of individuals. Pursuant to come into force October 24, 2008 Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On making amendments and addenda to some legislative acts of RK on the stability of the financial system" sum of guaranteed compensation increased from seven hundred to five thousand KZT million tenge.
Payment of the warranty reimbursement is made in the currency of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
On January 1, 2004 only banks participating compulsory collective guaranteeing (insurance) contributions (deposits) of individuals will be able to attract deposits (deposits) money to individuals and assets of pension savings funds.
In accordance with the guidelines of the financial sector of Kazakhstan, will be undertaken with a view to full compliance with the deposit insurance system in Kazakhstan with international best practice;

Training staff to work with the deposits in this area in the BTA Bank is working to improve procedures for the technical training of personnel, personnel are tested once a quarter, held in-service training of staff to develop new software products and computer technology, a half-yearly evaluation of bids conducted "Best Controller-cashier", "Best Manager", etc., created by the director's fund for the promotion of workers' winners, and rising wages to individual employees, all of these measures is a manifestation of human resources policies;

Improvement of banking technology in connection with the bank conducts intensified efforts to attract customers through a comprehensive and systematic maintenance, since the BTA Bank moved to the system of structural unit of a centralized database. The advantages of these technologies is the operational processing of information and the formation of all types of accounting and statistical reporting, the ability of customers of the bank deposit operations in any structural unit regardless of where the account opening, a centralized enrollment of non-cash income to the depositors' accounts. In 2003 began the introduction of electronic queue that will significantly improve service quality, increase the speed of transactions, including deposits. The advantage is the privacy provision of banking services, the operating window can be only one client. The main tool is the dispenser is equipped with six buttons, which are the main types of banking operations (one time deposit). Customer must select the operation and press, after which the device issues a card with the number of turns, while waiting for their turn for the customer in the room provided a comfortable chair. When you call the customer number is displayed on the display cards which specify the operating cash box to which you want to apply. Queue management, using advanced technology and an introduction to the structure of the cash settlement offices office managers, is the next step of the BTA Bank to achieve international standards work.


3. The main problems existing in the Bank.

Problems faced by the banks to work with deposit operations. It can be external and internal.


The internal include:
• Lack of risk assessment for deposit operations:
• Insufficient development of human resource management;
• The loss of customers confidence


The external problems are:
• Increased competition in the deposit market;
• Changes in foreign exchange of foreign currency;
• Insufficient development of the productive sector;
• Lack of social protection of population.


4. Analysis of potential to attract new customers to the Bank.

To attract new customers in the BTA Bank conducted market research of deposit services, is working to create a brand new deposit products that can attract new customers, advertising policy is conducted. But it should be noted that in the BTA Bank is insufficient active advertising policy than successfully use the bank's main competitors, along with this, the BTA Bank has a strong position in deposit market thanks to its 80-year history. The bank has emerged as the leader thrift industry.


5. The formation of the deposit portfolio.

In 2010, the Bank held a leading position in the banking sector of RK:
Third in terms of assets (1994 billion or 13 519 million U.S. dollars), 4th place in terms of the deposit portfolio of legal persons (419 billion or 2841 million U.S. dollars) and a deposit portfolio of individuals (255 billion or 1726 million U.S. dollars). As of January 1, 2011 the total deposit portfolio of the Bank amounted to 674 billion tenge, an increase of 14.6% compared to January 1, 2010.
Dynamics of changes in the deposit portfolio is characterized by steady growth, reflecting increasing confidence in the bank. The strategies is aimed at funding the Bank’s domestic market and provide an active capacity of the deposit base by attracting deposits of natural persons and legal entities. In 2010, the Bank held 11.4% market share of term deposits, while at the beginning of 2010 the Bank's market share in this segment accounted for only 8%. The highest relative increase in retail deposit base (62.2%) was observed at the Bank, while the volume of deposits in the general population of the market increased by only 16%, in addition, the company is taking steps to increase funding and increase the maturity of borrowed funds. In the BTA Bank is monitoring the amount of funds raised, tracked and quantitative and qualitative dynamics. Increasing amounts of borrowed resources indicates the growth of the bank's deposit base. When monitoring obligations account used to record the bank deposit operations on the objects and terms. To assess the stability of the deposits of individuals using indicators such as average length of storage and the level of settling funds received for deposits. Liabilities on demand deposits are the cheapest of the resources involved in connection with this BTA conducting enhanced efforts to attract corporate clients through a comprehensive and systematic maintenance.

6. Analysis of financial results.

Calculation of financial indicators must be performed on the basis of the bank's financial statements prepared in accordance with applicable at the time of reporting requirements in current prices. An important role for the bank's clients is the availability and transparency of financial information in connection with this BTA publish annual reports and balance in the press and places the financial information on its website. These publications allow customers to monitor the financial position of the bank, and provide the most reliable information about its activities.
Thus, the selection and implementation of the strategy of forming a deposit policy is the prerogative of each bank. Each step of this strategy has its own characteristics that banks should examine when entering the market.


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