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The Analysis of the development stages of the deposit market of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Since independence, Kazakhstan, like other post-Soviet states, has begun to modernize the economy and reform of all sectors of the economy. This period marked the beginning of the formation of a new stage in the development of the financial sector of the economy, characterized by the development of various segments of the market infrastructure.
The most important result is the formation of the reforms carried out by the deposit of the market - as one of the strategic policy of commercial banks to mobilize domestic sources of investment. Any drastic transformations do not go smoothly for the state's economy. Difficulties of the transition affected the formation of the deposit market, and poor development of the market in the early stages of deposits was due primarily to the following reasons:

First, Kazakhstan, being without the investment funds needed to support economic development, was forced to resort to foreign borrowing, while ignoring the domestic savings;

Second, the lack of positive experience of most people access the services of financial institutions that caused the subsidence trend of cash "on hand";

Third, the level of income of most citizens of the state in transition economies are not allowed not only to accumulate savings, but even more so to put them anywhere;

Fourth, the absence of deposit insurance guarantees caused distrust in the banking system.

However, the consistent and continued adherence to reforms, the Government conducts a tight monetary policy led to significant results.
The current macroeconomic situation in Kazakhstan is characterized by the development of the deposit market, where the leading role in the regulation of the reproductive process in a market economy is the banking system.
Model of the deposit market begins to develop strategies, policies and tactics to achieve their goals through the implementation of programs: the state, the program of the National Bank of Kazakhstan together with the Deposit Guarantee Fund and the programs of banks.


At the state level a program of employment policy, population policy, regulatory policy, income levels and contributing to increased savings.


At the level of the National Bank - a bank deposit insurance program. The main agent for the execution of this program is Kazakhstan Guarantee Fund (insurance) of deposits from individuals.


At the third level (second-tier banks) - is the development of the deposit policy as the main part of the banking policy based on an effective method of attracting and managing deposits.

The next link in the mechanism of functioning of the deposit market is the dissemination and implementation of these programs among stakeholders (government, businesses, people and banks) through a variety of forms, methods and tools. This sequence allows the implementation of the strategy to achieve the functioning of the deposit market, which results in a goal - increasing the deposit base - for banks, for the people - it, is an opportunity to invest and receive the same money, with interest.
At the final stage will be some adjustment, which is based on the monitoring of socio-economic status of the population and individual categories of the deposit market, which allows you to make the effects of factors (negative, positive) on the development of the deposit market. On the basis of analysis can make certain predictions of further development.
An analysis of the deposit market shows that every year is an increase of deposits in the banking system. On the basis of the study can identify the main stages in the development of the deposit market:

1. The first stage - the stage of formation (from 1994 to 1995)

2. The second stage - the stage of development (from 1996 to 1998)

3. The third stage - the stage of growth (from 1999 to 2001)

4. The fourth stage-the stage of intensive growth (from 2002 to the present)


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