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The United Nations, linking the countries in various fields of life

181. Give an example of globalization in cultural interaction between countries.

The globalization of culture was also a reflection of cosmopolitisation of being, linguistic assimilation, dissemination on the planet of the English language as global means of communication, and other processes.

182. Give an example of globalization in social systems between countries.

Social rights, previously available only to the population of developed countries, gradually migrate to citizens of the developing countries. A growing number of countries have developing civil society, the middle class, where social norms of quality of life are unified to some extent.

183. Give an example of growing global human impact on the environment.


184. Give an example of the potential risk of global problems reduced by preventive measures?

As examples of the successful resolution of global problems include the problem of acute "information explosion" in 1960-1970 softened by new information technologies, as well as basically solved problems of epidemics that earlier were ravaging the countries and continents.

185. Give an example of global problems which still didn’t find solution?

There are also other proposals to seek for a solution from the systemic crisis of human civilization, but the optimum is not found.

186. What are the threats of a post-industrial society?

The same is happening today in the frame of a post-industrial society. First, it retained most of the existing challenges and threats, including natural and technological hazards of industrial society. Secondly, there are new specific threats and challenges, often of another, higher order.

187. What are the problems of global technological security?

?danger of socio-political nature – is a combination of nanotechnology and technology of constructing artificial intelligence to create a perfect industrial robots and artificial soldiers. The first is fraught with unprecedented unemployment, the second - with unpredictable changes in the combat capabilities of the armies and the nature of war. Technology-related accidents could be linked to emissions of a much wider range of hazardous chemicals, including many new, falling to Earth spacecraft, the saturation of near-Earth space which their remains is constantly increasing, the loss of huge volumes of information in computer setsh, loss of control over self-organizing and self-replicating robots, and etc. (Remember movies “Matrix”, “Avatar” etc.)

188. What are the problems of global information security?


189. What are the ways of the transition of global society to sustainable development?

?Humanity is looking for ways out of the global crisis. The main existing approach endorsed by the world community - sustainable development. The basic idea sustainable development - the best self-restraint, fair equitable sharing of resources, stop the unlimited growth of consumption, ensuring environmental safety. Another approach is the concept of "golden billion". By some expert estimates, consumption, characteristic of developed countries, is achievable on Earth for more than 1 billion people. This approach involves the allocation of "masters of the world" - countries that control the world and allocate resources for the population of no more than a billion people. This approach has no obvious supporters, but probably hidden. The third approach - "a civilization crisis," imply the search of innovative ways and forms of adaptation to the human world. There are also other proposals to seek for a solution from the systemic crisis of human civilization, but the optimum is not found.

190. What are danger to the spiritual life and the human body in post-industrial society?

Analysis of the prospects of post-industrial societies show that at some stage the distinction between living beings and machines will start breaking down - the people of that time will witness the transition of science fiction ideas in to the modern reality. In particular, it predicts neuro-implant devices that allow to connect various devices directly to the brain - such as additional memory, educational programs, means of surveillance in the hitherto unseen for a man spectrum, etc. With their help, it might be possible almost indefinitely extend human capabilities

Of human perception of the world and knowledge about it. Then it might be possible to regulate physiological processes, the psychology and intellect. All this will bring unprecedented benefits, but also generate tremendous danger to the spiritual life and the human body, affect the fundamental social relations among individuals, and will form a new vices.

191. What are positive sides of globalization in Kazakhstan?

globalization has positive effects that can be seen through trade. Imports create additional competition but increase the variety of goods available in domestic markets to the benefit of consumers, while producers gain from increased export demand. Trade facilitates restructuring by stimulating the redistribution of resources within a country. It also stimulates the relocation of some productive activities from industrialized to developing countries, which together with the progress in ICT that has led to a sharp increase in trade in services, creates additional opportunities for them.
192. What are negative sides of globalization in Kazakhstan?

However, there are also a large number of negative consequences. They are manifested in the form of so-called global problems of mankind. Under the global problems are meant universal, of the planetary scale difficulties and contradictions in the relations between nature and human society, the state and the world community. These problems in an implicit form existed previously, but mainly occurred at the present stage as a result of negative human activities, natural processes and, to a large extent, as the effect of globalization. Essentially, global problems are not just the consequences of globalization, but the very expression of this complex phenomenon, uncontrolled in its basic aspects.

193. When was the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On combating terrorism” adopted?

June 30, 1999

194. What are legal regulations of the fight against terrorism in the Republic of Kazakhstan?

Legal regulation of the fight against terrorism in the Republic of Kazakhstan is based on the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Law “On Combating Terrorism”, Criminal Code of Kazakhstan, and other legal acts, as well as international treaties ratified by the Republic of Kazakhstan. If the international treaties ratified by the Republic of Kazakhstan, establishes other rules than those stipulated in the Law "On Combating Terrorism", the rules of international treaties predominate.

195. What are basic principles in the fight against terrorism in Kazakhstan?

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