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A: Good morning. This is A calling. Could you please put B on the phone?

B: Speaking.

A: Oh, hi, A, I thought I recognized your voice. Itís been so long, I wonder if you remember me.

B: Of course I do, Iím very glad to hear you again, A. Itís such a pity we didnít get in touch earlier. Howís life?

A: No complaints. Although I am quite tired. Itís been a hard week, you know.

B: Is that so? And why is that? I hear you are a senior student already, arenít you?

A: Yes, and that means that I am constantly pressed for time right now.

B: Oh, so you have a very tight schedule these days. I wonder how you organize your time.

A: My weekdays start the same. The alarm clock goes off at 6 a.m. and I awake out of my dreams. I turn on the radio and go to the bathroom to take a cold shower.

B: Oh, you canít be serious! I should say that wouldnít be my first waking thought.

A: What do you mean?

B: I never take a shower in the morning, let alone a cold one. When Iím up my bathroom ritual includes cleaning my teeth, washing my face and brushing my hair. Thatís pretty much it.

A: Well, I guess morning routine may vary with different people. I, for one, like to use early hours to the full Ė I make my bed, air the bedroom, wash my hair, do my morning exercises to the music, brush my clothes, look through a newspaper over my breakfast. Iím an early riser, so itís actually no problem for me.

B: Well, that explains a lot. You see, I am a night person and as I usually keep late hours, it is difficult for me to be really active in the morning. I get extremely productive in the daytime and in the evening. So, I guess Iím lucky my eight-hour shift starts at 10 a.m. and not at 8 or 9. I wouldnít have made it through the day if I didnít get enough sleep.

A: Your eight-hour shift? Are you saying you got a job?

B: Yes, I actually did.

A: And how on earth do you manage to work and study at the same time? I believe you never get a good nightís rest, are always late for classes and donít even have time to tidy up or throw a party.

B: Thatís not exactly so. Iím a part-time student and I get to the University by bus after work, so Iím always in time for classes. You wouldnít believe it, but before going to bed I even manage to find time to jog!

A: That sounds great. But on the other hand you sit up late and when you are up the next day you barely have time to get dressed, do your hair, apply makeup or do something about the house.

B: Well, I wouldnít say so. Besides, I have quite enough time to help my Mom about the house when I get home from classes. And after that I sleep like a log. Donít you like to do the cleaning after the working day?

A: Oh, you know I donít think that sounds like a good idea. I usually turn out my flat on weekends Ė seeing all the mess youíve made during the week, you realize the time has come to sweep the floor, wash up, iron the linen, do the laundry, dust the furniture and do the shopping.

B: But donít you have fun with your leisure time? For instance, on my days off I prefer to practice yoga, receive guests and knit.

A: Why, sure! I canít imagine a Sunday without playing the piano, calling on my parents, going out of town, attending kip-fit classes or arranging a picnic with my friends. Iím not a couch potato, you know!

B: Sure, Iíve always been a fan of active time spending. I feel really sorry for those TV addicts who fall asleep on the sofa not having removed their makeup or shaved and with a plateful of fast food by their side.

A: So, at what time do you usually call it a day and go to bed?

B: Well, the time may differ but Iíd say that itís somewhere about noon in most cases. And what about you?

A: Well, I set my alarm clock for 6 a.m. and doze out at 10 p.m. every day. And I never oversleep, because it is usual routine for me and Iím quite used to it.

B: You havenít changed a bit and continue to lead a healthy lifestyle, Iím so proud of you. But listen, tomorrow is a day off, so we donít have to get up too early, do we? So what do you say we get a good nightís rest and meet up for lunch tomorrow to catch up?

A: That is a lovely idea, Iíve got a really nice new café in mind, we could arrange to meet at 2 p.m. there tomorrow.

B: Thatís settled! Iíll see you soon then, bye for now!

A: Bye-bye!



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