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Captain of industry

Across the board

MEANING: including everyone or everything


The computer company decided to give the workers an across-the-board increase in their salary.

At a loss

MEANING: sell something and lose money


We were forced to sell the computers at a big loss.

Bail a company out

MEANING: help or rescue a company with financial problems.


The government decided to bail out the failing bank in order to maintain stability in the economy.

ball park figure/estimate

MEANING: a rough estimate or figure


The contractor gave us a ball park figure for the cost of repairing the new building.

Bang for the buck

MEANING: value for the money spent


We were able to get a big bang for our buck when we advertised on the Internet.

bankerís hours

MEANING: short work hours


My sisterís husband owns his own company and is able to work bankerís hours with his large staff.


MEANING: an accountant


We asked the bean-counters to look over the figures in the new budget.

big gun/cheese/wheel/wig

MEANING: an important person, a leader


The new director was a big wheel in his previous company but is not so important now.

bottom fall out/drop out

MEANING: to fall below an earlier lowest price


When the bottom fell out of the coffee market many companies had to stop doing business.

Bottom line

MEANING: the total, the final figure on a balance sheet


When they examined the bottom line of the company they decided not to invest in it.

Bottom out

MEANING: reach the lowest or worst point of something


The value of the stock has begun to bottom out and should soon begin to increase in value.

boys/men in the backroom

MEANING: a group of men making decisions behind the scenes


The boys in the backroom told us that we must close down the factory as soon as possible.

Break even

MEANING: have expenses equal to profits


After only three months the company was able to break even and start making profits.

budget squeeze/crunch

MEANING: a situation where there is not enough money in the budget


We have been going through a severe budget squeeze at our company and must begin to stop spending money in a wasteful manner.

Buy off

MEANING: use a gift or money to divert someone from their duty or purpose


The land developer tried to buy off the politician but he was not successful.

Buy out

MEANING: buy the ownership or a decisive share of something


The company was bought out by another large company in the textile industry.

By a long shot

MEANING: by a big difference, by far


The soap company was able to beat out the bids of the other companies by a long shot.

Calculated risk

MEANING: an action that may fail but has a good chance to succeed


They took a calculated risk when they introduced the new computer screen onto the market.

captain of industry

MEANING: a top corporation officer


The president of our company was a captain of industry and after he retired he was appointed to many government boards.

Carry over

MEANING: save for another time


We were forced to carry over the sale to the Monday after the national holiday.

Carry over

MEANING: transfer (a figure) from one column or book to another


Our company is still facing difficult times and we will have to carry over last yearís losses to this year.

Carry the day

MEANING: win completely


The presidentís new idea carried the day and everyone supported him energetically.

Carry through

MEANING: put into action


The steel company carried through their plan to restructure all of their operations.

Close out

MEANING: sell the whole of something, sell all the goods


They decided to close out the store and sell all of the remaining stock very cheap.

Close the books

MEANING: stop taking orders, end a bookkeeping period


They usually close the books at the end of February every year.

Cold call

MEANING: call a potential customer from a list of persons one has never seen


When he first started to work at his company he was asked to make cold calls using the telephone book.

Come on strong

MEANING: overwhelm with excessively strong language or personality


The salesman came on too strong at the meeting and angered the other members of the team.

Company man

MEANING: a person who always works hard and agrees with his employees


My father was a true company man and was always putting in an extra effort for his company.

Company town

MEANING: a town dominated by one industry or company


When the coal mine closed down the company town faced severe economic times.

Cut back

MEANING: use fewer or use less


The company has been cutting back on entertainment expenses for over a year now.

Cut corners

MEANING: economize


We have been forced to economize on stationary expenses during these severe economic times.

Cut off

MEANING: interrupt or stop


The speech of the president was cut off when the electricity went off in the building.

cut oneís losses

MEANING: do something to stop losing money or something


We should sell the old machinery as soon as possible and try and cut our losses.

Deliver the goods

MEANING: succeed in doing well what is expected


The new owner of the company is not very popular but he is able to deliver the goods.


MEANING: check something again to confirm


We were unable to double-check the costs of the new products before the price list was printed.

Face value

MEANING: the official worth or trust of something


Although the face value of the postage stamp was very low it sold at the auction for much money.

Fair play

MEANING: justice, equal and right action to someone


The company is very good to work for as they always use fair play when they are bargaining with their employees.

Figure out

MEANING: find an answer by thinking about something


Everyone in our company is trying to figure out what our boss is going to do with the new equipment.

Fill the bill

MEANING: be just what is needed


That new machine should fill the bill as to what we need to finish the job.

Finger in the pie

MEANING: involved in what is happening, receiving money for something


The new manager has his finger in the pie in all aspects of our companyís business.

Gain ground

MEANING: go forward, make progress


Our company has been gaining ground in our attempt to be the best in the industry.

Get a break

MEANING: get an opportunity or good deal


We were able to get a break on the price of the paint and saved a lot of money.

Get off the ground

MEANING: make a successful beginning, go ahead


We were unable to get the new product off the ground and will have to wait until next year.

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