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Answer the questions about the resume.

1. Whatís the name of the applicant?

2. Where does he live?

3. Does he want a permanent job?

4. What did he graduate from?

5. What qualifications does he have?

6. What kind of experience does he have?

7. What activities is he involved into?

Read the resume given below and write your own resume.

Anita L. Dime


Permanent Address: Campus Address:

777 Standard Street P.O. Box 1200, UPJ Box 112

Pittsburgh, PA 15555 Johnstown, PA 15907

(412) 555-8431 (814) 555-2692



To obtain a summer position in either print or broadcast media which will utilize news and sports gathering skills.



University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, Johnstown, PA Completed Junior Year

Date of Graduation: April 20_ _

Major: Journalism Minor: Psychology

Q.P.A. 3.49/4.0


Reporting I, Reporting II, Editorial Writing, Feature Writing, Copyreading/Editing, Layout/Design, Magazine Writing, Informative Writing.



Associate Editor of The Advocate, Music Director of WUPJ, Vice-President of Time-Out for Christian Fellowship, Programming Board Member.


Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society, Chi Lambda Tau Honorary Leadership Society, Deanís List.



University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, Johnstown, PA Work-Study Position

August 20_ _ Ė April 20_ _ Career Services


Paulís Pizza, Pittsburgh, PA Summer Position

April 20_ _ Ė August 20_ _ Waitress

AM-PM Mini Mart, Johnstown, PA Part-time Position

April 20_ _ Ė April 20_ Cashier



Thomas Martin, Coordinator of Journalism Department, University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown,

Johnstown, PA 15904 (814) 555-9661


Mathew Mark John, Manager, Paulís Pizza,

Pittsburgh, PA 15344 (412) 555-6767

Read the information about the letter of application.

The job application letter's purpose is to get the recipient to read your CV. It should be clear, concise and straight to the point. The application letter should be brief, no more than one page in length. It should be easy to read and flow through. It should include only the absolute necessary information. The job application letter is just as important as the CV itself. The resume should raise enough interest for them to want to interview you. The Interview is where you will demonstrate your skills and abilities.

Read the letter of application and answer these questions.

1. Who is the letter addressed to? Whatís his/her position?

2. What position does the candidate want to apply for?

3. Where was the job advertised?

4. What experience does the applicant have?

5. What skills does the applicant obtain?

6. What is the applicant interested in?

7. Does the candidate have a resume attached?


Justine Trigger

100 Gunway Street

Sherifftown NSW 2222

0000 000 000

(02) 1010 1010


28 October 2010


Chaz Pistol

HR Manager

Giorgio Designs

GPO Box 511

Sydney NSW 2000


Dear Mr Pistol


I wish to apply for the position of Bookkeeper, as advertised recently on the Giorgio Designs website.


I have been working as a bookkeeper for over almost two years for Alline Timber, having completed a Certificate IV in Financial Services (Bookkeeping) by distance education while working in my previous job as Office Manager for Tribute Music Studios.


During my time as a bookkeeper for Alline, as well as during my previous experience in office administration, I have had to develop and maintain strong organizational and time management skills in order to efficiently manage company finances and accounts payable/receivable.


Throughout my employment history, I have learnt to juggle both financial and bookkeeping responsibilities with general administration and customer service tasks. This has also helped to develop my organizational skills and has strengthened my ability to multitask.


Working for small and medium-sized companies, I am proficient in using MYOB software for managing company payrolls, accounts and financial statements. I have also had extensive experience in using Microsoft Office and have a typing speed of 105 wpm.


I have been commended by employers for my sharp eye for detail, and in all of my jobs have identified areas where the company could save money and improve efficiency.


I am also interested in fashion and fashion photography and am an avid follower of fashion trends, making me an ideal match for your company. My interest in photography has developed my eye for detail, which I utilize in my day-to-day work.


My resume is attached and I look forward to being able to discuss the position with you further.


Kind Regards


[sign here]


Justine Trigger

6. Using the phrases in italic write your own letter of application.


1. Did you attend an interview? What sort of questions were you asked?

People who have an interview coming up real soon and are worried they are often afraid of what they'll be asked in the interview. Most job seekers have been working for several years at their current job and are unprepared and out of practice for job interviews. Walking into an interview without knowing exactly what you are going to say is like trying to give a presentation without practice.

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