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Exercise 2. Change the following sentences Into Indirect Speech


1. I hope to pass the examination.

2. The teacher is listening to us.

3. I have never been to New York.

4. I made no mistakes in the last dictation.

5. I haven’t read many English books.

6. I didn’t send the letter by air mail.

7. My friend is studying medicine at the university.

8. I don’t feel tired.

9. My friend has eaten all the chocolates.

10. I haven’t seen my uncle for a long time.

11. I’m not asking a question.

12. My brother goes to bed early.


1. Jack told his father, “I have lost my notebook.”

2. Henry said to me, “I didn’t throw stones at your dog.”

3. Bob said to Tom, “Henry doesn’t sit next to me in class.”

4. I told the policeman, “I saw the thief in the garden.”

5. He said, “I have eaten nothing for two days.”

6. Jack’s father said to him, “You haven’t cleaned your shoes.”

7. Mary said, “I don’t want to wear my old dress.”

8. My mother said to me, “I feel very tired, and I have a headache.”

9. My friend told me, “We have plenty of time to do our work.”

10. I said to my sister, “George has written me a long letter.”


Exercise 3. Change the following sentences into Direct Speech


1. The farmer said that he hadn’t grown any wheat since 1975.

2 The teacher told his students that he was going to give them a test.

3. I told him that I hadn’t seen his brother for a long time.

4. Henry told the teacher that he liked arithmetic, but he didn’t like algebra.

5. She told the grocer that she didn’t want any sugar.

6. We told the teacher that we didn’t understand his question.

7. I told the taxi-driver that he was driving too fast.

8. She said that her children were playing in the garden.

9. The teacher told his students that he was pleased with their work.

10. My sister said that she hadn’t got a watch.

Exercise 4. Change the following sentences into Indirect Speech. Decide whether to use ‘told’ or ‘asked’, or whether either of these two verbs is suitable


1. I said to Jack, “Please give me your dictionary.”

2. The bus-conductor said to the passengers, “Don’t get off the bus while it is going.”

3. Mary said to her brother, “Take the letter to the Post Office, please.”

4. The teacher said to Torn, “Collect the exercise-books and put them on my table.”

5. The old man said to the little girl, “Don’t run across the street.”

6. The teacher said to the pupils, “Learn the poem by heart.”

7. I said to my friend, “Meet me outside the cinema at six o’clock.”

8. Mary’s mother said to her, “Don’t go out without your coat.”

9. The teacher said to the students, “Open your books at page 60.”

10. The doctor said to the sick man, “Don’t go back to work for a fortnight.”

11. Jack said to the policeman, “Tell me the time, please.”

12. The teacher said to the student, “Clean the blackboard, please.”



1. I asked my friend, “How do you feel after your holiday?”

2. Margaret asked Richard, “Where are you going for your holidays?”

3. Ann asked Mary, “What do you usually have for breakfast?”

4. Jack’s father asked him, “Who are writing a letter to?”

5. The teacher asked Bob, “When did you learn to swim?

6. I saw a cloud of smoke and asked, “What is burning?”

7. Mary’s mother asked her, “Where have you put your shoes?”

8. I asked her, “Who gave you that watch?”

9. Peter asked me, “When are you going to have dinner.”

10. Mr. Smith asked him “How much do you spend on food every week?”

11. The policeman asked me, “Where did you lose your wallet?”

12. The teacher came into the classroom and asked the pupils, “What are you doing?

13. Henry asked Tom, “Whom did you visit in the hospital?”

14. I asked Bob, ”Why didn’t you answer my letter?”

15. There was a crowd in the street. I asked a man in the crowd, “What is the matter?”

16. The teacher wrote the answers on the blackboard and then asked, “Who has got all the answers right?”

17. The little boy asked his father, “Why does a policeman wear a uniform?”

18. I asked him, “Who are you looking at?”

19. A man asked his friend, “When did you buy your car?”

20. Tom asked the teacher, “What does the word mean?”

Exercise 5. Change the following sentences into Indirect Speech

1. I asked the old gentleman, “Are you feeling tired?”

2. The hotel manager asked the visitors, “Did you sleep well?”

3. He asked his wife, “Is the baby asleep or awake?”

4. The teacher asked Tom, “Do you come to school by bus or on foot?”

5. A man stopped me in the street and asked, “Have you got a match?”

6. The teacher asked us, “Do you understand the question or not?”

7. Henry’s father asked his son, “Do you want to be an engineer or a doctor?”

8. 1 asked Peter, “Are you going to play football on Friday or on Saturday?”

9. The teacher asked me, “Do you spell ‘swimming’ with one ’m’ or a double ’m’?

10. He asked his secretary, “Has the postman been yet?”


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