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Find the suitable endings of the following sentences according to information in the text.

1. ARPA became the answer ...

2. The Agency realized that machines ...

3. The researches in IPTO ...

4. In 1969 the first network computers or JMP .


a) became beneficial to different uses.

b) to the rising American cold war paranoia.

c) was an immediate success.

d) needed greater capability to interact with each other to gather relevant information, etc.

e) was the project.

f) were ready.


8. Translate the following words and word-combinations into Ukrainian:

Operating system; to provide; basic instructions; to handle; complicated; so many functions; simple; to suppose; machines; complex program; to interpret; pressing; key; of a little value; ordinary users; o get over the hurdle; prewritten instructions; to be available; packaged programs; to get programs started; obviously; disk drive.


9. Translate the sentences paying attention to the Modal Verbs:

Scientists can calculate and correct the orbits of sputniks with the help of electronic computers. 2. Thanks to the remote control devices and the radio communication system one person can control the operating of the most complex machinery. 3. The distance between the Earth and the Moon may change. 4. All radio receivers must have three essential parts: a) antenna-to-ground system; b) a detector; c) a speaker or headphones. 5. By means of a special microscope biologists can examine the smallest organisms in their live state. 6. The fourth-year students must regularly inform their Physics instructor of their scientific experiments. 7. Our team must assemble the device.


10. Translate the following sentences into Ukrainian:

In this experimental work any research worker must apply the necessary safety measures. 2. Man can live and work both in a spaceship and outside it in space. 3. Some radio signals may serve as a clue to the chemical processes that take place in outer space. 4. A radio-engineer must know radio, TV and radar equipment perfectly well and must be able to design it. 5. First of all we can and must explore the Moon and other planets with the aid (help) of automatic devices. 6. Scientists, engineers and other experts could calculate the orbits of Sputniks with the help of electronic computers.


11. Choose the correct word to complete the sentence.

1. The ... was designed to perform long term high risk/pay off research.

a) agency

b) institute

c) office

2. .work had to be done.

a) Successful

b) Enormous

c) Useless

3. As a further step towards improvement of the networking ... was the proposal to connect all computers in the research community via dial-up telephones.

a) telegraph

b) telephones

c) radio

4. The most important work was the ... of communicational setting terms as protocol.

a) excluding

b) implementing

c) containing

5. Protocols became a kind of ... among the connected computers.

a) tasks

b) results

c) lingua franca

12. Check the transcription in the dictionary and read the words listed below.


novelty, query, spirit, stability, possibility, participant, hierarchy, scheme, witness


involve, graduate, excite, succeed, ensure


13. Make nouns from the following verbs according to the model and translate them.


develop, improve, advertise, equip, require


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