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Which of the following is Software

Program, Mouse, CPU, Word Procesor, Modem, Web-browser, Operating system, Scanner, printer, display.


9. Which of the listed below statements are true/false. Specify your answer using the text:

1) Computer programs only instruct hardware how to handle data storage.

2) System software controls internal computer activities.

3) System software is very dependable on the type of application software being used.

4) The information about memory capacity, the model of the processor and disk drives are unavailable for system software.

5) The driver is a special device usually used by car drivers for Floppy-disk driving.

6) It is very reasonable to ask for a driver when you buy a new piece of hardware.

7) Software developers tend to make their products very small and with poor interface to save computer resources.

8) Communication software is in great demand now because of the new advances in communication technologies.

9) Application software is merely a general-purpose instrument.

10) Web-browsers is the class of software for electronic communication through the network.


10. Give definitions to the following using the vocabulary:

1) Software

2) Driver

3) Application software

4) Operating system

5) Communication software

6) Computer

7) Peripheral device

8) Operating system


11. Questions for group discussion:

1) What do you think is more expensive hardware or software?

2) Has anyone in your group ever purchased software? Why do you think piracy (audio, video, computer software) still exists?


Discuss the following questions.

a) Is it important for an engineer to know how to use electrical


b) What electrical devices are there in your lab?


Discuss the following questions.

a) Is it important for an engineer to know how to use electrical


b) What electrical devices are there in your lab?


Read the dialogues and learn how to speak about your past and

Future activities. Pay attention to the terms of electricity.

Peter: Hi, Paul. Glad to see you.

Paul: So am I. Peter, can you tell me what you were doing yesterday

from 9 till 11 p.m.? I was looking for you,

Peter: Well, let me see. A few students and I were carrying out some

experiments with different electrical devices. As for me,

I was measuring the voltage.

Paul: And what about Alex? Do you happen to know what he was


Peter: As far as I remember, he was measuring the resistance of a


Paul: Oh, I see. I hope Julia and Michael were helping him.

Peter: Yes, they were. They were connecting leads to the multimeter. The needle was indicating the value of the resistance on the scale.


Alex: Excuse me, Professor.

Professor: Yes, Alex.

Alex: What will you be doing from 9 till 10 tomorrow?

Professor: I'll probably be working in the lab. Have you got any problems?

Alex: Oh, yes. I'd like to discuss the plan of the experiment with

you, if you don't mind.

Professor: Of course, I don't. When are you going to carry out the

experiment with a resistor?

Alex: I expect in a week or two.

Professor: OK. I'll be waiting for you at 9 in the lab.

Alex: Thank you ever so much.

Professor: Not at all. See you tomorrow.

Alex: Good-bye.


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