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Exercise 11. Complete the sentences with suitable words from the box.

Stormy, land, delayed, storm, passengers, airport, punctual, late, journey, air

Look, I can see it. The plane is still in the ______ , but it is going to ______ at the _____ in a few seconds. Good! I was afraid the flight would be an hour or so _____ or _____ until tomorrow, but fortunately it is quite _______.

Now the crew and _______ are coming out. I am sure they did not enjoy the _________, because they flew through such a _________. People often get sick when it is _________, you know. I would, for sure.


Exercise 12. Complete the text with the words from the box.

Harbor, captain, cargo, deck, pier, bridge, rails, board, move off, visitors, crew, quay, liners

Last week Cliff Fenn went down to Southampton Docks to see my friend off to New York on one of the largest ______. What colossal ships these steamers are when you see them from the landing-stage alongside the _____. As he had a pass, he went on _____ and had a look round. From the top _____ he could see the great cranes lifting the _____ and depositing it in the holds. He saw members of the _____ carrying out their duties in various parts of the ship, while the _____ watched the operations and gave his orders from the ______. Then the siren sounded and the ______ were asked to leave the ship. Finally the liner began to ______ and the passengers leaning over the ______ waved good-byes to their relatives and friends standing below amongst the crowd on the quay. Slowly the ship left the ______, passing beyond the _____ and gradually disappeared in the distance.


Exercise 13. Complete each sentence with a word from the list:

buffet, coach-station, departure-lounge, harbor, quay, cabin, deck, destination , platform, runway

a) Most of the young people on the boat slept on the……… in their sleeping bags.

b) As the train drew in to the station, Terry could see her sister waiting on the ……… .

c) I was so nervous about flying that I left my bag in the……… .

d) By the time I got to the ………, the express bus to Scotland had left.

e) As soon as the boat left the ………, the storm began.

f) We hadn’t had anything to eat, but luckily there was a ……… on the train.

g) I’m afraid there is only one first-class ……… free on the boat.

h) Tim reached Paris safely, but his luggage didn’t reach its ………

i) There was a queue of cars on the ………, waiting for the car-ferry to the island.

j) Our plane nearly crashed into a fire-engine on the……… .


Exercise 14. Choose the most suitable word or words underlined.

a) David’s plane was cancelled/delayed by thick fog.

b) The ship’s owner agreed to give the crew/passengers a pay-rise.

c) The plane from Geneva has just grounded/landed.

d) We hope that you will enjoy your flight/flying.

e) Because of heavy snow in London, their plane was diverted/deviated to Manchester.

f) I won’t be long. I’m just packing my last luggage/ suitcase.

g) A sign above the seats in the plane says ‘Fasten your life belt/seat belt’.

h) You have to check in/check up an hour before the plane leaves.

i) All duty free goods must be declared/surrendered at the customs.

j) On the plane a stewardess/waitress brought me a newspaper.

k) The plane took off/took up and was soon high over the city.

l) I bought a simple/single ticket, as I was going to return by car.


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