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Exercise 1. The phrasal verbs are mixed up. Find the appropriate preposition to the verb that will correspond the meaning.

Across, away, back, behind, down, into, on, over, round, to


The river was flooded and Susan and I weren’t sure how we would be able to get into. __across__

“Let’s take that boat we saw upstream,” I suggested. “No way!” Susan replied. That’s stealing, and anyway, we’d never get behind with it!” __________ We decided to make a raft out of some logs. Susan tore her shirt into strips to tie them together, and then the two of us got round to the raft. __________

Just at that moment, a huge log came floating downstream and Susan shouted to me to get to. _________

Managed to leap back on to the bank just as the log hit our raft and smashed it to pieces. “We’ll never get down to the other side!” I said in despair. ___________

Don’t worry every problem has a solution. We’ll think of something. We’ll get across it somehow,” Susan said cheerfully. She went to the water’s edge and stepped into. It wasn’t very deep but the current was very swift. ___________

“Come on, silly!” she said. “I got you on this mess and I’ll get you out of it!” _______

She turned and smiled at me. “Get over me and hold me round the waist,” she said, “until I can find out how deep it is.” ____________

With the water up to her knees, she signaled to me to climb on her shoulders. She went slowly, pausing with each step to make sure she had a firm foothold. Surely, I felt her slip. I screamed, but fortunately she gained her balance. When we were in the shallow water, she told me it was safe for me to get away. _____

I think we both realized how close we had come to drowning in the swirling water, and it took us a long time to get back the experience.


Cruises and Cruise Lines – Important Questions and Answers


At first glance, it would seem that someone planning a cruise vacation could simply make a phone call and book a cruise line package. However, after a few minutes, one will come to realize that there are numerous cruise lines, destinations, and packages.

Important questions that need to be answered about cruises and cruise lines include –

1) Destination – Do you want to go to the Panama Canal, Alaska, Caribbean, South Pacific, South America, Europe, and Mediterranean? Basically, if a cruise line can reach a destination via water, then there is probably a cruise package to fit.

2) Food quality and dining experience. Cruise travelers have cited this factor as one of the primary factors in deciding on a cruise.

3) Do you have special interests? If you are a bargain shopper, you might want to consider a cruise that travels to destinations with bargain shopping. If you like the sun, you might want to consider cruises going to Hawaii or Mexico. Do you like history? Perhaps the Greece and old world destinations will interest you.

4) Would you like to visit many ports or are you interested more in shipboard activities?

5) How much can you afford to pay? Different cruise lines offer many different packages and pricing.

6) How long can you travel? Cruise lines offer packages that start at weekend excursions all the way to months or more.

7) Do you prefer ocean cruises or river cruises? Does the Nile, Amazon, Mississippi, or Danube peak your interest?

8) When do you want to go? Depending on the destination, the time of year does matter. Remember that some parts of the world get very hot or very cold certain times of the year.

9) What sort of people are you comfortable with? More and more cruise lines are catering to demographics. Some packages offer activities and destinations that may interest the retired tourist. Other cruise lines may cater to the young partying crowd. And yet, other cruise lines wish to attract and entertain the family vacationers.

One of the more important choices is the type of cruise lines. Ships vary in style and amenities and can be compared to the range and class of hotels. For example, hotels are commonly rated as a “one star” (typically a basic budget) all the way to “five star” (luxury high class and expensive)

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